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Taste The Bitter Vengeance

"Taste The Bitter Vengeance" (2000)

1. The Mist
2. Soothsayer
3. Breath
4. The Ghost In The Twilight
5. Surrounding Divination
6. Vermination
7. Temple Of Ostx
8. Perseverent Parasite
9. Black Purity

1. The Mist

Somewhere in the mist is the horizon
Somewhere in the mist I left my dreams
Slowly a rough picture is emerging
Imperceptible shadow of a figure

Somewhere in the abyss the last night is disappearing
After it there will come the last dawn
Somewhere in the clouds thoughts are fading
Then the heat of soul will cool down

Slowly the mist is vanishing
Slowly breath is dying out
There will come new era of suffering
Somewhere in the mist

Let the time stop
Don't let the mist go down
Let the sky fall down on earth
And disappear somewhere in the mist

2. Soothsayer

We don't know what tomorrow brings
Our mirror reflections give hesitation
In weakness sits the mind's necrosis
The ends of sanity

Every day become the thruth the omens
In every word sits the fate
In divinations we look for the answers
When comes the break of day

Do we have to die?
Do we have to reach the stars?

Forget about our past
Holdin' glowin' heartv
With glowin' blood in heart
And glowin' hatred in blood

See my future, read my future
Tell the tale of a dead man
I beg, I pray for knowin' more
Tell me where my blood will flow

Follow the gravity - I'm back in hell
Born dead - is there life after death
The omen's in the past
It controls us and lasts

Harder then the future
Stronger then now

In your world I'm nothing
In my being you're the lord
It is time for soothsayin', you'll change the score

3. Breath

4. The Ghost In The Twilight

When the day closes its gates
When the night opens its eyes
Moonlight gives the glance
The silent winds arise

Someone was born
Someone died
Someone has won
Someone's lost

Don't care of fate
Lost is the throne
Broken chains
Broken home

Darkness, acrimony, cold
Loneliness giving fear
Cold, sleeping horizon
Where you will find eternity

Blood in eyes, ghost in mist
Death in black monk's frock
Jokers laughter, spells of hop
Dead days breath - twilight cold

5. Surrounding Divination

I drown
Fall in whirl
I reach the depths
I suffocate

Feel the shivers
Fall in immensity

I want to rise, oppose
Invisible ties, I'm hampered
Burnt inside
You've chosen the twisted way

I'd rather die
Never acknowledge I've lost
I'd rather die
Never lend my hand

I want to fight though I'm goin' blind
Burnt inside I drown in slime

The mistress of I
Has sweated me down
Has dried my mind
Has smashed my bones

My twisted flesh
Eaten by time
Bitterness fullfills my throath
Even in the end
I won,t repent

6. Vermination

Bring me the night
Bring me the silence
Words bewitched in dreams
Damned human words

Dreams of eternity
Whispers soft tones

Thousands of heavens
Million of edens
Wild flowers thoughts
Forgotten by world

Kill in you the thought
Of the gratest reward
Purify your soul
Burn the memories

Leave me mystified
In everlastin' sadness
Or follow me, my child
Until we're both in madness

What's goin' down in heaven
Please, take me up to hell
We'll burn in holy water
Then rest in fuckin' flames

There's a reason to verminate
To spread the plague and lies
Above the lords - we hear them cry
Bring me the silence
Bring me the night

7. Temple Of Ostx

8. Perseverent Parasite

Destroy me
You've chosen me, I've let you down
I found myself in the end
I've chosen my way
You created the locust

I can't build
My nature is callin' me
I crave for blood of your wonders

I'll supress all aspects of life
Seek, exploit, exterminate
I'll leave my signs behind before I die
All I know is a lie

I've seen my destiny
My nature is callin' me
I must destroy, devour, waste
I tread the ground on which I step

You created
I ruin down
You're the fodder
I'm the parasite

I am the plague, reap the harvest
No one to conqer me
I take a heavy toll of human life and shift
I am the cancer, absorbing

9. Black Purity

In rivers of fire and gore
In torment of life before death
The stench of corruption will spread
Like suffocating cerements

Omnipresent black wings cutting the night
Poisonous gaze looking for victims

To stay unknown
The only way before

Evil with servants haunting the thoughts
Not the right time to face them yet
Revenge pumps the blood in veins
Hatred burnin' - livin' flames

Fire and gore the torment will end
Death's dreadfully eternal
Flame of hatred once arisen
The flame that won't die not satisfied


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