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Epoch Of Methodic Carnage

"Epoch Of Methodic Carnage" (2006)

1. Relapse Into Sickness
2. Addicted to Smothered Throats
3. Flayed, Dismembered and Feasted Upon
4. Wretched Stagnant Blood
5. Befouled with Zest
6. Epoch of Methodic Carnage
7. Death Bound Conundrum
8. Lurid Iniquity
9. Battered Into Nothingness
10. Gratification Through Castration

1. Relapse Into Sickness

Once within the chaotic maze I'm lost forlorn
Crushed in dejection by a whole host of possibilities
I followed whispers suffocating in the gloom
Gurgling like blood through a slit throat
I followed in silence amid twisting halls
Only just iridescent of fading specks of light
Consumed and put out by tears that blood has shed
All around losing substance giving way to numbness
Where in others what springs is fear of the unknown
In essence irrational but still hard to subjugate
Bleak prospect of finding any sense at all
Betrayed from the start by my very nature
Fruit of centuries of regenerating in suppression
Absurd inhibitions shackled higher insurrection
Incoherent ideas sculpted to spread dismay and guilt
For crimes that aren't, in my core I seek to ravish
Lapsing in lower state while drifting in a sea of languor
Demise is all I can perceive among this horde
Vacillating like tired birds amid ferocious hail
Sipping untold mystery diseased born of fear
Raping dispoiling whatever pure still stands
Adulterated by slithering concealed snakes
Sinuously in motion allure to feeble emotion
Envenomed dragged to the brink of resignation
Life allure to the hopeless herd grazing in envenomed fields
Lost in a path littered by virtuous truths of doubt
Bound by gregarious existence based upon perversion
Castrated ideals set my inside ablaze
Upon facing the golden age of filth
Pervaded with every kind of shit
Where subhuman mongoloid scum
Thrive engaging in boundaries perversion
Orgiastic culture of death fruit of our own making
Upon abject liars I vomit this visceral gush of aversion
Sought for domination I'm none's to bleed
Never shall I feed greed with pain and fear
Cut me open pull me inside out but I shall never bleed
All around me weather before hateful eyes
Bonds of affection are no more than frail twigs
Bound to be shattered in the midst of violent gales
Gales of hate where's there's no life
Veins vigorously pumping blood infused in abhorrence
While malevolence brews within my soulless heart
Intrinsic hatred voraciously eating me out
Lost and destined to dwell were no life dwells
Dead inside now choking on my own lies
Death becomes the only concrete reality

2. Addicted to Smothered Throats

Rising from the torpor of stale water
Reminiscent fragments of memories
Pierce my consciousness as shards of glass
Slowly forced through living meat
Reflecting images taught forever erased
How wrong was I now I discover
Feeble inside tenuous restrains of taught
Laid by confessions amid deep introspection
Solitary monologues of a madman's temptation
Scourging dreams of stealing chastened blood
From the vestibule of innocence
To satiate the thirsty vaults of my sick mind
Once more I watch these hands these fingers
A tight noose wound round a shriveling throat
Striped of life extinguished like a flame
Violated Venus dressed in liquid
Enveloped in death silhouetted in the darkling shimmer
Staring open mouthed back at me
In serene surreal ambiguity
Black eyes mirroring the haze on my blank face
Vacant within sinking the tips of my fingers into her
Eyes losing luster like worthless stones adorning
The disembodied remains beneath the surface tension
Specter of a denied past still looming in my head
But no more at rest now residing within my hands
At last released free afloat and she slowly sinks
Abandoning me as fluids invade her chest
Guilt does not impair primordial needs
This deed only inflames my hunger
Yearning more throats to smother

3. Flayed, Dismembered and Feasted Upon

4. Wretched Stagnant Blood

5. Befouled with Zest

6. Epoch of Methodic Carnage

Amid the recurring batter of weapons
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
Muffled, but unmistakable sound
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
Human cries from the far edge of reason
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
Merging with the last echoes of another blast
Epoch of Methodic Carnage
Receding, leaving emptiness quickly filled again
With hammering of automatic weaponry
Sputtering beyond the last stronghold's walls
Toward a vanguard armed with ample hatred
Overwhelming and persuasive, just like a drug
The pummel of shells coming over in profusion
Whom shockwaves seem closer each time
The sky commences pouring death pounding the earth
Sounds of great storms compacted in successive instants
Reverberating ferocious tolling noises throbbing skulls
While ranks of buildings hastily eave in
Breaching invaders storming through
Gutted walls as jagged as broken bones
Vast deaf blind mobs of hate knowing no fear
Millions of darting projectiles finding harbor
Through flesh biting away at stricken bodies
Stoically accepting the pain of their failures
Raging crossifre sweeping figures off their feet
Guns methodically building up barriers of corpses
Brethren climbing over dead towards martyrdom
Disease gnawing its way through population
As strewn corpses lay broken on the ground
All bearing agonized postures of endured torment
Human flotsam crushed by grunting heavy armor
Trenching open another corpses bowels
In a thousand years the earths ground will still stink of death
While main guns pulse towards a counterfeit victory

7. Death Bound Conundrum

8. Lurid Iniquity

9. Battered Into Nothingness

The time elapsed now
As I turn my back
At the dark season
That's just gone by
I lay my feet on
The scorched ground and
Slowly walk on
Through the endless grey
Stretching beyond the bleak horizon
Serene Obscurity
Scenes of surreal tranquility
Seemingly impossible
Nocturnal noiselessness
I'm entangled further more
In increasing frustration
With every step I take
By which I can never reach
The border to this place
I'm imprisoned
In a cage without bars

10. Gratification Through Castration


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