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No Heaven in Sight

"No Heaven in Sight" (1999)

1. Ad Absurdum (One Hell of an Introduction)
2. On the Way to Hell
3. Devilís Ride
4. My Kingdom
5. Youíre Below Everything
6. Concordia Diabolo
7. Joyreaper
8. Pure Pleasure
9. Blood Drive
10. Life is Agony
11. Bomber (Motörhead cover)

1. Ad Absurdum (One Hell of an Introduction)

2. On the Way to Hell

Cursed I am to walk this soil
No light of grace shines on me
In my pain I stare with empty eyes
Cold walls surrounding me

Alone I crawl my darkest edges
No warmth of life embracing me
Through the night, through the light
The outer dark is waiting me

I can feel...this darkness bleeding on me
I can is running away from me

Drown your pain, drown your life
This emptiness is too much to bear
Drown your hate, drown your love
This life ain't worth of living anymore

The pulse of strenght, once forgotten
Whispers about my buried dignity
These empty thoughts in these empty rooms
Nothing compares to this agony

With this fire, with this pain
My mortal life shall decease with hails my final journey
Towards those gates


On my way to hell
Fucking up life so goddamn well
On my way to hell
I've got a soul yo sell
On my way to hell
I know the place where bastards dwell
On my way to hell
I'm every day

No spark of hope in this twilight of mine
The end as same what life used to be
No dreams of glory, no dreams of life
Putrefaction fucking guaranteed

So come to me and gather your harvest
Bleed your darkest bliss upon me
Kingdom of fire is all I see
Fastest lane down my journey will be



3. Devilís Ride

It makes my blood boil when you say
- Tomorrow will be a better day
Well, let me tell, I don't fucking care
I'm just too eager to get the hell out of here

Hear me boy, there won't be no joy
It'll all be swell when I burn in hell
I love the Devil and his red eyes
I know he's the fucker to rip apart my heart

Maybe it's those eyes that burns in mine
But it's your goddamn shovel that dug my grave
The way I see only end is to be
'cos without tomorrow we're free from the sorrow

There's no need to speak of soul
When heart is burned by rock n' roll
And you know me I only wanna be
One with the bullet when I'll be breaking free

No heaven in sight
All my life's just a Devil's ride
Riding with pride
Yeah, just hold on tight

All my life's just one bad ride
But when I go, I go down with style
Smashing after fall, blasting to the wall
Again and again, forever I shall fall

Yes, I know where I will go
So toast to you and to rock n' roll
Overdrive I always ride
Got the date with the Devil everynight


One thing I know and I gotta say
This world never was nor will be ok
So what there is for you in sight
But to let it ride

There's no need to speak of soul
When heart is burned by rock n' roll
And you know me I only wanna be
One with the bullet when I'll be breaking free


4. My Kingdom

If you could see through my dreams
And if you would fear my fears
Would you stand by me?
Would you sweep my tears?

Follow me into my darkest realms
Hallucinational, lonely sanctuary
A kingdom where only strongest survive
Where all but grief is a lie

My kingdom

Through these fields of twilight I ride
In the depths of grief I dwell
As my yearning is growing too deep
I find my end in an ice cold stream

I fly...
Through these mighty landscapes of night
I find...
Myself trapped in this kingdom of mine

5. Youíre Below Everything

There is a magick that even a time can't corrupt
Pure hate for mankind, my misanthropic lust
Cut me once and all of you shall bleed
I will bring you down, down to your knees

Can't you see...or don't believe?
My actions don't give a place for disagree
But soon you'll harmony
Your death is only a foreplay for my majesty

Innerglow, superiority, I'll open the gates of the cemetery
Feverish mind, greater than thine
My fury's greater than your world of lies

Stronger than thine

Dreamlore so unreal, soon to crumble down
Scravengers will feast like they've never done before
My flames shall rise and you can kiss your life goodbye
The stronger you resist more stronger I'll respond



6. Concordia Diabolo

7. Joyreaper

I've been blessed by the great pain of living
My path is hard, my way is damn heavy
Through the cold, ice cold snow
In the cold I will walk alone

To me the sun haven't shine
To me that delight is the biggest of all lies
Wherever I go, wherever I roam
The darkness is my only hope

Aah...the reaper my saviour
When the life turns to night the silver blade will shine

Don't you come to cross my way
Don't give me hope of a another day
Just step aside and run away
Stay away from my life - my pain

This frustration you can't feel
All this anger and misery
This sickness that reigns in me
Is this how it was ment to be?


So you tell me:"There is hope"
But no, I'm at the end of my rope
There won't be any victory of Man
And when it comes to hope...I don't give a damn

So fuck you and fuck your life
I'll rape all the things that makes you smile
And wherever you go, wherever you roam
The darkness is your only hope

Just do it and bleed with me
Reaper is here to set you free
To release the pain, running in vein
To undo the dark, to cut hard


8. Pure Pleasure

Now beware 'cos we're all going to die
Explosion and flames thousand miles high
Don't you know there's no mercy for you
Our fate lies in the Big Bang Doom

It will rip your heart out of your chest
It will leave you lying cold on your bed
It's gonna tear your life apart
It will eat your heart...bloody and raw

Come down to see how Thy Kingdom will burn
Step on the line and wait for your turn
Take a look we're going to fall
No sign of your "salvation" at all


We all know it's gonna be pure hell
But there won't be no-one left to tell
You will enjoy your pain and so will I
When all life leaves our beautiful mankind


9. Blood Drive

Are you there behind the trees?
Waiting there with your eyes glowing
I know you wait for me

Are you there with your desire?
Come here I show you the Devil
We'll make the sacrifice of life

Children raised in hate
Bloodlegacy beyond centuries

You shall be my whore of hell
Awake now and walk with me
Towards the pearly gates

In the dreary landscape of mind
the drops of losses burst in alive
so crumble before this Luciferian love
'cos like my blood is red, all my love is in death

Tonight (drown with me)
The midnight sun sets so red
Aah (love my pain)
Under bleeding sky we made our bed

I can be the one, the one you want
I am your key to the new realm
The mark is written into our hearts

Yes, we gather the light
And howl like wolves of night
As we enter the kingdom of lust

Children raised to hate
Blood drive pulsing in veins

Immortality is what I ask
Eternal life for two of us
For these souls stained by blood

Tonight (find my heaven)
The midnight sun sets so red
Aah (born into my hell)
Under bleeding sky we made our bed

10. Life is Agony

Snake-eyes burns the night while candlelight glows
My arms are raised high towars the sky
Into the river of oblivion's wine I shall drown
The secrets of clandestine lie before my eyes

Midnight - cracks my spine in two
Divine - ain't this goddamn life, no

Sorrow shine your light to me
Agony tremble the ground beneath me

Poison runs inside my veins
As you sink your teeth in into my flesh
The guns of heaven will shoot me down
The guns of heaven will shoot me down

Vipers hiss when death hails me with her damned kiss
Cold killing rapture is freezing my lips
Fairytales, fairytales, they all sing to me
This sweet and temptating, delightful melody:

Walk through the shadows of dusk and dance before the fire with us
Let loose the wrath that paints your heart black
But my heart is black, like my wrath will only grow
The crimson stream of life will forever flow


This world is a lie, easier it would be to die
But we live in vain and die for the same
No moon nor the sun can sweep my tears away
Nothing can set me free from this life of agony


11. Bomber (Motörhead cover)

Ain't a hope in hell,
Nothing's gonna bring us down,
The way we fly,
Five miles off the ground,
Because we shoot to kill,
And you know we always will,
It's a Bomber

Scream a thousand miles,
Feel the black death rising moan,
Firestorm coming closer,
Napalm to the bone,
Because, you know we do it right,
A mission every night,
It's a Bomber

No night fighter,
Gonna stop us getting through,
The sirens make you shiver,
You bet my aim is true,
Because, you know we aim to please,
Bring you to your knees,
It's a Bomber


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