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Love is Dead

"Love is Dead" (2005)

1. Birth of Evil
2. The Wizard's Way
3. Tornado
4. Fire of Hate
5. Stone-Blind
6. Love is Dead
7. Recreation of the World (live)

1. Birth of Evil

When the evil hatched from a shell
His amorphous head has turned to a hell.
And his sons populated the lands.
And the brand emerged on every hand.

The lash of time will mutilate your face.
Human world is a mistake.
But pick the fruit of the death,
Take my hate and evil wonít die.

2. The Wizard's Way

I have been damned by God,
I have been rejected by people.
I hated the world
And I went to hell...
But I began to walk
To the Wizard's way
Through a fire and smoke,
Through a universe pain...

And the elemental spirits
Rescueed my life...
The people was my tributary,
But they were not this!!!
And I went alone
To the Wizard's way.
On this road
I have met my death...

...Now I'am suspended above fire,
The tongues of a fire are licking my heels...
...Oh! I shall die, but you never will
Forget my shouts and damnations...

3. Tornado

Heavy clouds in the North.
Wicked unlive power
Proceedinging from the earth.
Evil's gate and black towers.
Snow tornado is carried forward
Away from the Castle of Mist
Like mortal steel dart
Feeling a bloody feast.

The cold creeps to your house.
They are inhabitants of dreams, archetypes of fear.
You will not rescue neither a pray nor gold.
Look at the North, they're drawing near.
Snow tornado - it's my brother.
Snow tornado - my blood, my flesh,
Butcher cutting one by other,
The black lash, the fury slash.

Shadows is rushing over the town.
In their eyes reflects the steel.
In the sky are whirling bloodthirsty crows.
My army goes to kill.
It's my revenge for the dead witches,
My revenge for your blaze,
My revenge of a parody to God,
To the one who has set of faces.

The bloody flame of day departs away.
Ravens torment a corpse. Total decay.
Deathly - pale roses in the turned black hand.
Misty light wraps up my land.
The song of the dead child
Flies above deserted fields.
Guardian angel weeps over body.

Too late to remorse.

4. Fire of Hate

Crazy dance of bloody shades.
Death observes from opened gate.
All fury of my heart
Has merged in a steel dart.
The hellish fire flashes.
It lives to disrupt,
To tear to parts your flesh,
To add poison to your cup.

Burn, burn fire of hate!
Burn fire of fate!
Burn so as a lacerate, burn!
Burn fire of hate!

Flame and blood,
Smell of steel,
The pleasure by revenge,
The thirst of kill.
Death observes from opened gate.
The wind sing a song of hatred!
The wolf flight runs towards to a dawn.
Die damned spawn!!!

5. Stone-Blind

Faceless demons torment my soul.
Bitter honey and tears in my bowl.
Monsters and nightmares around me.
Horology is anodyne for me.
Cold feelers of the night
Is stealing my mind.
Poor jester for mankind
I quite alone and stone - blind.

Monstrous face of the blindness
Look at me from the darkness.
Seven black wells, seven eyes of hopeless.

Tear my eyes!
What for they in the darkness?!
Tear my eyes
In the darkness of blindness!

Give me your hand,
Feel my awful brand.
God forgot his fold.
Iím terrified and cold.
Setting without the stone
On finger of the crone.
Iím jester for mankind.
Tear my eyes be so kind!

6. Love is Dead

Let reality burn down on fire.
I have only one desire:
I so want again fall asleep
And stay here for keepsÖ

Dawn burn down in your eyes.
Your lips are sliding along my neck.
My blood is sliding along your lie.
Sharp fangs is laying a track
To the black heart.

My blood on your hands.
Your body is trembling from the wish.
In the moonís radiance
Your whisper it seems devilish.
But love is dead, itís true isnít?

Love is dead. Only black eagle
Is whirling above her splinters.
Spiders have weaved a shroud
For our love. Take it!

Look: my heart is dead!
Tell, you also feeling the dread?
Love has turned to ashesÖ
Ashes of last flash.
Love is dead, itís true isnít?

You live under my skin,
In my memory and in my veins.
I feel a smell of dead flowers
And my heavy cold chains.

No, this is a dream,
This is a boiling stream
Of your phantasms.
Itís only mine phantasms?
Love is dead, itís true isnít?

7. Recreation of the World (live)


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