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Distant Memories of Life

"Distant Memories of Life" (2004 EP)

1. Empty
2. Everlasting Moment
3. The Unborn Son
4. Distant Memories Of Life (Instr.)

1. Empty

Snow covers the earth/ it's winter once again
There's no rebirth/ this time dark will reign

Nothing feels the same anymore
All colours faded away

Old thoughts returning to me/ and it's hard to deny them
Towards the pitch-black sea/ drawn away from false haven

This festering wound/ in my mind is taking over
Forgetting so soon/ how it was to hold her
Distant memories of life
A faint, dying whisper

The icy water cast my reflection/ I can't recognize myself
This is only a shell/ 'cos I am empty inside

Nothing left to offer/ nothing left to say
It would be a torture/ to live one more day

2. Everlasting Moment

Someone once said/ "have hope and have no fear"
I had only one of them/ couldn't make it disappear
I tried to break the cycle/ I tried to release myself
But now because of you/ I'm tied to this hell

Stuck into this void/ here is no time
Every second feels like forever

Why don't you/ let me go
As we all/ I'm alone

Take away my pain/ this is not your struggle
All your efforts in vain/ I've already lost this battle

A prison without escape/ there's only one way out
But no one can hear/ when I scream and shout
Can't you see I suffer/ take a look in my eye
And see my last request/ I wish to die

What have I done to deserve fate like this...far worse than death

3. The Unborn Son

This can't be true/ all I see is ruins
I close my eyes/ and hope this could be undone
The further I go/ less human I feel
This tragic scene/ is now reality

No one else did survive
No one else left alive

This innocent one/ doesn't even get a tomb
'Cos the unborn son/ dies into mother's womb

Eerie silence/ has filled the air
Something so precious/ is now forever lost
How can they be so blind/ this way reaching the light
Priviledge of misunderstanding/ key to their anger never ending

4. Distant Memories Of Life (Instr.)


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