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"Existance" (2006 Demo)

1. The Haven
2. Counting Down
3. The Emptiness Inside
4. Ripped Wings
5. Keyless Padlock
6. Glassmade Stars

1. The Haven

Born inside a tumult
Incessant voices, unbearable noises
The choking air of progress
On this stage of frenetic lights

Such a narrow corridor
Gives no other choice
Must follow the way it allows
Cannot deny the flow

Existance in disagree
No light in sight

The rules
Were already set
When got here
Unique like all others
When the pressure hurts
The eyes just get closed
Somewhere pleasant is shown
Inside own mind - the haven

Through a window half the way
Another life can be seen
The life that's wanted
The life that's needed
Can visualise but not take part



Eyes that don't open
Isn't dead but is not here
Please doctor make him move
Katatonic state
Static smile in face
A way to escape was found
Inside, inside himself

The rules
Were already set
When got here
Unique like all others
Behind a thousand locks
Finally accepting to be alive

2. Counting Down

Do you remember when we had it as eternal?
How could we believe in ourselves those times?
We didn't want to worry

We know there's a countdown
It never stops
We try to ignore it
As all we can't handle

Counting to myself
I don't want sadness
Counting to myself
I don't want changes

So much better
Let us see life
As it is not in fact

So much lighter
Let us smile all days
And find we didn't value it in the end

Everyday everyone gives a step
A step to the edge
The difference is that now I know
How many steps are left for me



Do you remember when I've gone with no warning?
It's because I found that forever happens in no time but now

3. The Emptiness Inside

4. Ripped Wings

In some moment of my life
It was taken away from me
The belief that I had
In the power

To take part
To Change it all
Like we had the future in hands

Their words penetrated my mind
They showed me the reality
I'm just a grain of sand
I've got no power

But I took part
I changed it all
Like I had the future in hands

But It looked so real

The only change
Was in our faith

They have built a wall
It stands tall
We are unable to cross it
And that is all
They have told us

Can't say what's real

The only change
Was in our faith

We're no menace once we don't know our potential


5. Keyless Padlock

(Part I)

I tried so hard
I tried to see
Learn from the past
All that's wrong with me

But how can I fix something
If I don't know where it's wrong?
But I see them turning their backs
And going away...

And everything I do
Being myself
The things that I believe...
So rejected

So must I hide
Be away of society
I pretend indifference
But the pain comes ripping back
I just wanted someone
To be proud of me
That would be everything
Everything I need

My dreams are being crushed
Right in front of my eyes
Who should I blame?
What made me become so strange?

And everything I do
Being myself
When I fight for a dream...
So pathetic


(Part II)

Moved by sadness and rage
I locked myself in a cage
They tried to release
But they didn't carry any key

But is there
Is there a damn life
For someone like me in the outside?

I don't want just to be freed
Answers are what I need

But is there
Is there a damn heart
Which is able to dialogue with mine?

It makes no sense to go back
If I'm going to face the same lack of comprehension
Which forces me to be
Someone else
Try to convince me it's worth

6. Glassmade Stars

Allowed to Sail
Out of reality
Happy years of innocence
When the unknown surrounds

White points that lighten
The skies of everynight
Magic lights that fly around
Making wished become true

Teories that will be murdered

Sit on your chair
And listen to all words
Stop creating, start receiving
Someone explained it before

Dreams become fiction
All magic is lost
Limits are written
Life becomes a box

(Black and opaque)
Its roof seems so near now
Who are we to disagree?

Ordinary life
Forsaken thoughts
Time to lose your critic sense
Now start learning it by heart

They gave you blinders
When you were in school
You don't notice the world around you anymore



Ordinary lives
Kept their thoughts
Made use of their critic sense
Wrote what you've learned by heart

Laying in bed
Looking up to the sky
Crying silently
Thinking about the stars
"So they were nothing but
Damn spheres os glass?"
Thinking about it while the sun spins around the earth

They taught it too
They taught it too!


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