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Forever Street Metal Bitch

"Forever Street Metal Bitch" (2003)

1. Violence, Kill and Destruction
2. Hellfire and Damnation
3. Damned in Hell
4. Black Metal Thunder
5. Bitch! We Gonna Kill You
6. We're the Pussy Hunter
7. Shooting Master
8. Hey Slut!
9. Charge!
10. Struggle to Death
11. War 666

1. Violence, Kill and Destruction

Devastation Pure Hell
I want blood and I want it now
Cut throat and antichrist
I'm never gonna stop

There's thunder in my ears
Destroy Monsters

Violence Kill and Destruction

In the heat of the night
Liquidation and sacrifice
Violence like you've never seen
Find ecstacy in vengeance

2. Hellfire and Damnation

Death, kill, blood will flow
I'm on a daydream from Hell
This is bloody war
Heaven's on fire you can hear 'em

Kill them who cry tears
Right on time damnation is joining in the fight
Back to Hell the way you feel
Can't see the light no more

Hellfire and Damnation

3. Damned in Hell

They curse the day when I was born
You can keep your sympathy
I'm not gonna take it lyin' down
I'll kill tonight

Damned in hell
Tonight I'll fight

They want more violence
Screaming confusion
So give me all the powers of Hell
More death heat me up

To get power
Shots rip the air
Raise the knife
Burning Fire

4. Black Metal Thunder

I'm evil, give me power
Black Metal demon back from Hell
Black candles burning bright
Blasphemy night

Black Metal thunder till your dead

We'll fight till we fall
Possessed by demon 666
But that day is comin' now
Hey let's fight

Stand up now
For the Satan
Burning Hell
Black Metal Horde

Coming down coming down
Black Metal thunder in your head

5. Bitch! We Gonna Kill You

We're the king of fuck
Sex Metal is my way
Listen bitch Metal sound
Bitch she wants to destroy
You are the porno queen
First suck my dick slut

We're the sex holocaust
You can lick my dick
Fuck off baby, comon baby

Bitch! We gonna kill (you)

We're dirty maniacs
Cut off your heads
You are the slut queen
We want to see your body
We're the teacher in sex education
Comon get your fix tonight

6. We're the Pussy Hunter

Comon! $5 street girl
Suck my dick, drink my sperma

Taste pussy, wet pussy
Go! We're the pussy hunter

Drink beer! Listen Heavy Metal
You can get ecstasy and bullet belt

7. Shooting Master

I'm a Yakuza 30 years old
I used countless guns
The gobament bored through the rock
But I need more strong gun

I drank beer in the other day
And old man laughed at my funny story
I did shoot 40 caliber revolver
I was felt miserable due to surprised

Arms for fight
I'm fight in Hell
38! 40! 44!

8. Hey Slut!

Pretty girl gotta Heavy Metal
Your fucking fucking bore me

Hey slut gimme a beer
Hey slut gimme a whisky
Hey slut gimme a golden shower
Hey slut gimme a pussy

I crank up the music on the radio
Go ahead Metal make my day

Go slut gotta twiss action
Doin' very bad feeling really ill

9. Charge!

I am bastard evil angel
Worship blood and fire
Now you doing, slow and terrifying, really band fell
Fighting beating nothing holds the storm
Die die die


I love the dead, Satan's revenge
Let the deadly game begin
I'm standin' proud, I'm shot on your thacks
Screaming to fuckers
Fighting beating nothing holds storm
Die die die

10. Struggle to Death

I listen together
With the brother in the mist
Eyeball like a young
Beast catches a scene

Die! Die!

Charge it together with fire
Weapon is scattered
Get honor and I'm glad

11. War 666

I'm run, kill and fight
You'll never stop me
I have fucking evil eyes
But I still got pride

I want war
Make to the war

I'm broke yes, I'm born break
Destroyers cal
Tomorrow will never be
Deadline to meet


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