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Caution Strong Irritant

"Caution Strong Irritant" (2001)

1. Answer
2. Nailpoint
3. Grief
4. Growing Coward
5. God Little Man
6. Rejected
7. Malpractice
8. Beg for Mercy
9. Family
10. Another Chance
11. Tarantula's Curse

1. Answer

Against you all
We!!! To fuck you all
Double-faced motherfuckers
Chameleon of cowardness

We!!! Became your worst (the worst) nightmare, fuck

The thorn inside
I?m in your eyes
I fuck you back
I fuck you back

You kick us out
You!!! Try to bring us down
You'll pay the price
We'll fuck you twice

2. Nailpoint

Justice by my hand
Inner thoughts awaking (in) pain
Reject the strenght (that) come through my throat
Why become a bunch of lies?
No More Lights!!!!!!!!!

Become my eyes I'm your mind
I wait you!!!!!!!!

I feel your nail, cutting my veins
Why become a bunch of lies?
No More Lies!!!!!!!!!

3. Grief

The shelter, (the) pit you lie
The eye, to learn
The walls (that) keep you dumb
Only my low life

Scream For your soul
Lie Burn and sold
Fear Your choking life
Pain you visualize
You got to strain
You have to strain me
You need to strain yourself
You have to strain me

Mankind all dead inside
The eye, to learn
The rules (that) keep me in
Only my dead life

4. Growing Coward

This inside my head
Paint my head as red
Leave myself in pain
Leave me no strength

I might die here ? weak as you are
This is so clear ? cheap as you are
This is my fear
I might die here

Save me (spare me)


Hurts so deep inside
Tears roll down my eyes
Mirror laughs at me
I?m so broke within
Who ever told you lies?

5. God Little Man

Spreading all
Hands on all
Your guns, your uniform
You act, omnipotent

Reckless fault
Fuck you & you all
You pass your stress
Your fears into me

But Will
Will rise
Anger & Hate
So mine
Blood will never lie

Close my eyes
Tell me lies
Your fucking life of misery
What none pretend you try to be

Feel your wrath
No pride left
You wake, no time
No shit, no life

Who made you GOD
Not that badge, not that uniform
No shit, nothing

6. Rejected

Don't let me breath
Until I'm still alive
Become, the scum
The fracture in

You let me bleed
You let me see
The shit, the things
I?m within

Bend yourself
Break you down
Fuck it all

No fame, no life, no love no better life

I'm born and breed
Until I'm not alive
You beat, me down
My fracture's in

You make me weep
You make me freak
My spine, my pround, my dick

7. Malpractice

Belived that your power was forever
Dont leaving rock upon rock
Demolishing em all like a big tornado
Ignoring tears and pain

Destroyed dreams and distorted the truth
Provoking bitterness and contradictions
But today no more exist your brightness
Just the weight of your ashes

What did you think?
What did you want more?


And now the wind takes your ashes

8. Beg for Mercy

I'll hunt you down throgh the country
This bloody feeling costing many lifes
Can't you see you broke all society rules
Leaving (your) evil mark where you passed by

You raped my daughter then killed my mother
Show me no shit for this blind fury
Why (you're) always harping on the same string?
There?s no more time to bring you mercy. No!

So let me tell you something
You gonna pay for all your sins
You can't escape from the destiny you trance
When your time has come you gonna beg for mercy!

You gonna wish you were never born
(You're) bastard son of a whore
I'll finish what you started
Cutting you off, cutting you down

Is time to start breaking bones
Can't wonder why death on my mind
Making justice by my hands
As my force begins to rise at midnight

I'm gonna crush your stupid face
I'll he the digger of your grave
You're an enemy and I'm the cure
With your back against the wall
I'll get you right by the balls
Cos only the strong will suvive

You gonna pray for a quick death
I'll make you take your final breath
My tortures will will drive you insane
There no rules in my mind and
I'll Kill you without any remorse
Ripping you with my dirty rusty knife

9. Family

Built by him, fear the anger of his insanity
Hearse one more undertake him take him to the core
No one to stop, no one to dare, he rules this place with a clenches hand
No way to fight, it's never too late
Concel the panic and join...

The family
Keep you haunted, lost and lonely
Watching all the way, he'll be your eyes
Seeking, within

Praising hell, loathing myself for the innocence
Plead no more, something he'll ignore
A devil in human shapes, his misery's one to shame, spinning reality
Sinking in words profane, his wishes will be yours
Concel the agony and join...

10. Another Chance

The darkest night, embrace your soul with rage
More pure than faith, drag you and swallow you whole

Like a spawn from hell
Back from prison cell
Evil points at you (Evil)
Another chance for regret

Surround your eyes, blind the sins, the hatred
You feel inside, has bring you back to life

11. Tarantula's Curse


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