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Vulgar Necrolatry

"Vulgar Necrolatry" (1990 Demo)

1. Intro: The Cult
2. Vulgar Necrolatry
3. Pleasures Of Putrid Flesh
4. Devourer Of Souls

1. Intro: The Cult

2. Vulgar Necrolatry

Erosion of life i see
It makes the passion burn in me
Life it always withers away
Death will eternally stay

Corpses in their coffins
Forever rest in peace ?
There sleeping with the aspergillus
Is this justice to the dead ?

The atracious site, of a burial ceremony
christians weeping, for the departed
They don't understand, they should envy them !

The deceased they know, is there a Paradise ?
Or shall we feel, the Purgatory!
I open the graves, admire the Rot
I can feel the presence of something from beyond

Aureaola of nauseating reek
Wings of shriveled skin
Holy beauty of carcass
Divine sight for me to gaze upon !

Necrolatric, reverence for putrefaction
Necrolatric, reverence for the stench

I kneel, before a carrion
I pray, before the dead
I know, they shall rise
I fear, for the scourge
I revere, power of the dead

3. Pleasures Of Putrid Flesh

I exhume the corpses
I violate the graves
The morbid stench
Smell of death
It fills my lungs
Oh, it's so heavenly

The maggots dwell in your organs
The sight gives me orgasms
Your flesh darkened and rotten
Your skin ripped and torn
Your hair is verdigris green
it makes me wanna breed

Rotten, Buried, Dead
Soon i'll be fed
On my lips, taste of mould
Your genitals left cold

I tear off your limbs
Crush your lovely skull
I taste the putrid brains
I suck your feeble veins

I bite your stinking arm
The purefactive bacteria i feel
I feel the Taste!

Hunger, Pervetism, Necrophilism!
Decayed, Rotten, Putrid Organism!

I find no pleasure in life
So i seek the dead!
I love their tumourescent eyes
They'd never never tell me lies
I mate with a carcass
Lust for a dead Ass

Pleasures of putrid flesh
I rule the realm on death
I'm disgusted by the living
But the corpses make me dribble
When the baggots crawl on me
as they tickle my swollen cock
And when i've had an orgasm
I eat the carrion
I feast on their genitals
Pleasure of Putrid Flesh!

4. Devourer Of Souls

Ancient Demons, ageless Evil
Preparing the Ritual of Awakening
Awakening of the Unspeakable

Master is here, the Infernal Duke
Arisen form the bowels of Earth
Eternal sleep been finally upset
World will taste the horror new sent!

Stabbing their hearts, Bleed
Eating remains, Feed
Crushing their faith, Terror
Twisting their minds, Horror
Devouring their Souls!

Vile superstition, Legends half-understood
Lurked somewhere below, but now unleashed

Twisting genius to madness
Kills without the mercy of Death!

Pray God! Pray for mercy
Evil! will triumph
Rebel! against the overlord
Merciless! Lord of Vengeance
Veneration! else shall thee suffer


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