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"Abhorrence" (1990 EP)

1. Intro
2. Pestilential Mists
3. Holy Laws Of Pain
4. Caught In A Vortex
5. Disintegration Of Flesh

1. Intro

2. Pestilential Mists

From suppurating sores
From bloated bodies
From bubonic blisters
The stench is slowly rising !

It's floating in the air
The reek of decay and death
As the infested bodies fester
Exuding this rotten breath
The air is warm and stale
With premature maturation
All medicines will fail
You can't stop the suppuration

Black Death, the pestilential mists
The disease is rapidly spreading
The Curse of god on the sinners
The Plague won't ask for a cause

3. Holy Laws Of Pain

Listen to me, you mere mortals
Not through God, not through Satan
But through Me - You will feel the Pain

Taste my gift - The Tribulation
Only one term - One requisition
Endure this torment - 'Till the End

Every firbe of your flesh
Feeling unreal pain
Utter depravity
Ecstatic agony
Give up all your Dreams
Rejoice in the Truth: The Pain

Holiness is never cheap
In the debt of apin you'll sink deep
Good deeds of the Righteous
Impurity of the Cursed
That's the price !

Which path will you choose
The Left or the Right
Will you feel the Torment
Or will your soul be saved ?

But there's no way to save your soul
From the fingers of evil that reach for your throat
The Agony within, You can't Escape !

4. Caught In A Vortex

Through the gate of the Dark Dimension
To the mass of the swirling matter
To the depths of an endless Void
I'm thrown by the wickest of magics

I'm chained to this darkness
In this place of nothingness
In the silence that doesn't exist
In this vortex of emptiness

Floating in this malevolant tunnel
Feeling the intendity of the nonexistent
Beyond the scope of human thoughts
Sights of this Four-Dimensional Hell

In the time, when God was young
And mankind, they existed not
I was banished to this lonely realm
My eternal soul, a victim of reprobations

Now I see it clear, why I'm here
I must pay the price, after my demise
But this is life, this mourning and strife
We shall see, after eternity !

5. Disintegration Of Flesh

Word of utter destruction
Spell of termination
Annihilating living flesh
The Organic Holocaust

Flesh To Dust !
Bodies To Ashes !
Flesh To Dust !

Evolution, of billion year
Destroyed, in a segment of second
Pain, so unbearable
But only, 'till the End (so short a time)

Death strikes so fast
Like the lightning from the sky
Memories of the past
Away they all will fly

Disintegration of flesh
Evaporation of organic matter
Celss of living creatures
Screaming for eternities

Flesh To Dust !
Bodies To Ashes !
Flesh To Dust !

The spell now finally finished
The dust blown away by the wind
Nothing remains of the life that has passed
Because the flesh is always weak


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