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Previously Unreleased

"Previously Unreleased" (2003 Demo)

1. Waterfall of red Tears
2. Laggard
3. A Last Letter From a lost Soul

1. Waterfall of red Tears

A New World of chaos has been born
An impossible world made by you

Fading light through windows
And the passage far beyond
Be truly as the mind goes
Be truly when you’re gone

Atmospheric dark legion of feelings

Created an indescribable feeling
A waterfall of red tears…

Some of what was once held
Has been severely misplaced
Lost somewhere between
My hand and the wall

Being submissive to my consciousness
I try to discover why the emotion
Always try to analyse the regret
Being faithful to the divinity of life.

… I can’t focus on anything close to me
Only the ground below my feet
Lost in my blood red tears…..

2. Laggard

Where is the end of my dream?
Looking for it forever?
Where is the reality lost in our music..?

The importance of music
Making it feel so real
Intentions of the vibes
Richly ejected into our veins

Where was the time that?
We could spend time together
Analysing how music was defined:
A drug forever falling

A time where your life stood still
And mine continued in other
Dimensions of the world being....
More peaceful at the time.

Liberation of my destiny
In simplicity and dignity

I decided to be my own leader
I decided being my own saviour
I decided to be my own strength that carries

Once I will make you see
I will make it happen
I will be the one left standing
Finding back the reality…………..lost in our music...

3. A Last Letter From a lost Soul

The knowledge of the knife was already obvious
It reaches deep in the heart
Never thought, never expected…never wanted
It happened from a lost soul

A soul full of chaos, years ago
Rest had been found, but anguish was awaiting
Anguish of being hurt again
Anguish of being hit again

Stability could never be a solution
A solution could never end in stability
A circle so endless, a circle impossible to break

… .

Last message
Going back to chaos
Leaving the one and only
And never going back
To times and places where
Rest was found…

A last letter from an individual
Who lost self-confidence?
Confidence in life, beauty ness and honesty
Always being isolated between that wall
The damn wall of protection


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