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"The Musical Body" (2002)

1. Tonal
2. Essence
3. Aestheticism
4. Application : Word of Death

1. Tonal

Voice variation
Invokes asymptotisms

Operatory sense sets.....
Another manifestation of convexity
In the long term, incrementation of
From immateriality of the contra-term

The contra-term evokes
Its asymptotism
Participative without a question

The partition of the convex
Reveals a time [time]
Participation structuring

To building a unison is this
A delay
The reader has been contriving an expressionist gain
Through factorization of litterals

Antecedental measurement in formalization period proves the
Associativity of scale with its own increment

Periodism seeking completion
Frustration of a local time
When the segment does occur

Notion of rythmic line subsumed as narrating
A quotient as we align generations, revelling in time
The period of an extremal generation extends time
Antagonization period, there
The counterpoint a quotient translates
Solidity layers of resonant dynamics
Through the immaterial time

Circumventing immateriality
A diminutive deduct of the contra-term

Contrarian materials

To a constant :
Creativity structuring
Responded to by tokenization
Defines the locality of the chord constant

To a referential continuity
A view of the referential, a view (of).......

Voice deflect of causal inferential
Through variation stochastics of immaterial implement
Replacing the periodism :

A litteral layer
Impressed by time

Without chordal shaping

2. Essence

An assimilate :
Growing the sensing of time into a legitimation of its
Systematics in thematism express integrality in
Novelty, a corruptive to the genom [corrupted]

In conjunction motif a syncope to applicative quotient (freezes)
Externality transposed to interactive voicing, expression of the self-rythmics

Coincidental truism
Reveals purpose in qualification of tone
And contrariety in return

Material equivalence of voice speaks a timing of contrast
Instance in a topology of times

Temporal figuralism internal activism utters
And through information of occurence a delay measures, signalling the
Novelty of a narrative over lexical sensicality

As regards lexicology
Thrive compositional semantics of the quantificative

A (frequential) given to closure had conferred superiority

To indice identity, a superstructural argument
To the narrational,
Enumerative of the vectorial collectivity,
Is of the stratum valence the individualistic assessment

Iteration individual as supernality [sensual operativism]

Teleological syncretism
Determines a semantic logic of texture :
Dysfunction of the iteration individual by locality antigen
As it objectivizes a coherence to the semantics
Texture-identity the vector of conscience breaks,
A manifest/transcend of its essence [rythm]

3. Aestheticism

Abiding by a material token of the stratum
Is such a discretion of incidence structure [materiality discretions]

Where the identitary objective envelops
In tonal association
Its own actuality of incidental time
Does a demagogy expropriate as majorant-interpretive of the stratum essence

Through meta-elemental discursivism of essence
A reader reminisces an adjective to the ellipse
Or its voice implement as semiology

While throughout its term, expressing
In a meta-period of vocal duality

Through timing of the identitary deduct
Instantiate of the variable the essential valence [singular theme]
From thematics of the meta-narrative

....... operative metrics measuring.........
.......formalizing a reason to stratification

An implementive of the modulation locales
As articulates a semiology without the envelop

Into singular localism : aesthetics
Devolving of a voicing the identitary syncretism in
Teleology metrics of time
Or a reflect of its transitional data
Through the meta-generational coercivity of phrase

Expliciting singularity.......

Of the gregarity metricalism :
Disambiguate from length coincidentalism without.......
The theme-transitive of the aesthetical coercision [process]

4. Application : Word of Death

An instance

This one flow

Transposing to tone

After a collection of memories

Until it...
Until it repeats

Word of "death"


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