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"Hunter" (2005)

1. Rehashed
2. Needleman
3. Vulture
4. Pain & Panic
5. Hunter
6. Grotesque
7. Salai
8. A Rush & Siege
9. I Give In
10. Ghosting
11. With Pitiless Blows

1. Rehashed

My head never rests on my shoulders facing the sun.
I struggle to walk.
The burden of this guilt I hide from you is growing,
You'll never know what it is.
This is the kind of person I am,
This is the kind of person I've turned into.
I time of song, I am the kamikaze dreamer.
Clog my own throat; Swallowed by color tortured sumber.
Now flying high, I am the kamikaze dreamer.
Gague out my eyes; Swallowed by color tortured slumber.
It becomes harder to breathe or think clearly.
Remorse instigates and overall of self loathing the older I get.
So I'll rest my dead beat tongue, you'll dismiss me anyway.

2. Needleman

What happens stays here, right?
This is nothing but a miserable lesson learned.
What we share together will not end up falling out of someone else's lips.
I must, fight with shadows in my own defense and worst of all, their names I do not know.
Tell me do I disgust you?
Is it disgust or amusement?
That catches your attention; That draws you near.
Is it diusgust or amusement?
Disgust or amusement, which is it?

3. Vulture

I need a mircale to conquer this endeavor.
The imagery of song to portray the routine of life.
Maybe I'm neurotic or just wrong in general.
Maybe I should concede and put out the fire.
Can you feel this uproar?
Festering desire in my thoughts.
I can promise you one thing: I will hunt you till you die.
In absence of your favor I would rather choose death.
I'd perfer it only be executed by you.
No legacy, fall short of understanding.
Maybe I should concede and put out the fire.
I want you to bleed me of my misery.
Drained bled dry; hung up for all to see.

4. Pain & Panic

Tonight you are going to suffer and I will be the last glimpse of anything you see.
Is pain real?
Do you believe in pain?
I want to walk away but I sit and watch you slowly fall in and out of consciousness.
The pain.
The panic.
Grab your chest, feel your heart wanting to break through.
The throbbing grows and turns into a steady pound.
This is real; fear is real.
Do you believe in fear?
The leisure of my scolding action happens to leave a staggered expression on your bloated face.
The impact leaves a scar.
Can you smell the concern; this rancid scent of horror?
I am always amazed how little I know you.

5. Hunter

This is when panic and shock are given out in doses.
There is nothing to admire.
Absent from this present anxiety is liberation.
Malice now exists inside my head.
Crush and rebuild.
Destroy and organize.
I stand above, looking down on this devastation.
Words form blindly to express my feelings, and these hands work to gather what is lost.
Anxious thoughts.
Torment now exists inside my head.

6. Grotesque

These words collapse your confidence.
Your destructive existance is nauseating.
Fake, with no self esteem; you're nothing.
You change with manic uncertainty.
Now I will be the master.
Now I will choose my boatswain.
I push myself in and out of relationships.
But I don't know you.
I push myself in and out of control.
But I don't own you.
Exactly how should I stand here, waiting for you to finally answer.
As you verbally bash me.

7. Salai

"If you are alone, you will be your own man"
- Leonardo Da Vinci

8. A Rush & Siege

I can't understand what I do wrong half the time.
My judgement is blurred half the time.
I never once acted like this before I met you.
Now I'm a simplicated sensation.
I'm nothing; A laughing stock to some.
I'm sorry for my vicious decline into this bedlam you see before your eyes.
I adhere to the progress of my helpless desire to live.
My innards are freezing inherently, like winter rain.
I'm over infectious regret.

9. I Give In

I continue to succumb to mundane hospitality.
Fabricating pertinent dinner conversation.
Fascinating breath pressing drawls.
Asking myself why.
Unbeleievable isn't it; the way we twist words around just to get that quick fix.
I swore someday I'd save myself from cum dreamt lines forcing faster.
Aching in the waste of primitive lust.
Again asking myself why.
At last can I please rest?
Vacate every day after day.

10. Ghosting

I am impatient and hard to please.
No sense of serenity
Habitual neurosis transcends into thoughts of suicide.
And when this body lay lifeless, don't patronize me by insisting this was all done because of you.
I am beyond redemption.
Even in death I will not speak.
I am beyond redemption.
Even in death I will not sleep.
With abandonment of trust and self.
Hope is void of longevity.
A shelter less recluse, I survive without reasion.
I sacrifice myself to the lonely other.
For she will not rest until Death's arms embrace me.

11. With Pitiless Blows

We collapse, hands interlude.
Cheek against cheek.
A pulse duet hums through our veins.
And I'm not sure why I continue.
When we start to embaress each other.
As our lies attain bi-partail virtue.
And all I want is to die.
I gain and lose control, like some fucked up lost opiate, and now you will forever abhor me.
As I purge myself one piece at a time.
I won't forget my reflection.
I loved and lost inbetween your theighs.
Don't forget how I can't forget you.
I continue.
When we start to embaress each other.
Hypnotic and gross, stained with a big deal.
and all I want is to die.
I'd rather erase my two ton impact on your life.
This shouldn't be my only way out.
Anxious to have validity knowing I only take up space.
I'll continue to swell thanks to the induction of severity.


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