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"Shelter" (2006 EP)

1. Shelter
2. Home
3. Stone

1. Shelter

There is a story that is too long to tell.
I write it on the walls of my cell.
These words are creeping my naked soul.
I'm bleeding tears like an open wound.
I also come from the cold square one.
Like all who choose to live their lives like a whore.

Now on the edge I'm still freezing.
I'm feeling old.
I feel like an old man with many scars to show.

With the shortest straw in my hand.
I'm just a shade of my past.
All the doors are closed and so is my heart.
These are my hands shaking, reaching for shelter,
praying for someone to drag me out of the flames that burn.
I thought I've seen it all but my eyes were not open.
Now when I can see I'm already burned.

There is a wound that will never heal. Scars that you won't ever see.
They will allways one with my soul.
Will they ever leave me alone?
I'm lost in a place where the dreams die.
Embraced by my own death.

2. Home

Continous pain is confusing
My hunger for life is loosing.
I remember how i got grown.
You know that there is no place like home.
Blind fear all around me.
Dark night is falling down.
I've been left here on my own.
You know that there is no place like home.

Darker side of temptations, where no-one haves no truth.
I am searching with my eyes wide open for a place to call home.

Burning heat of your whisper forces me to turn back.
I'm tired to go around this circle waiting when does it come to the end.
Every dream is falling around me.
Deadly memories are stabbing in.
Waisted time takes me down.
I know the things i did wrong.
Thought i promise it won't happen again can't help it.
I live in denial.
I've been left here on my own.
There is no place like home.

3. Stone

I'm patrified of going back to the hell what I lived once.
She's my torment in hell and pleasure in life.
She stole my salvation, she stole my way of life.
I can't feed my hunger for life!

So cruelly she cut the hand.
I wanted so much to reach out and grab it.

So cruelly she teaches me like a child how to start a fire to burn myself, and it would burn me like a torch.

Let the silence swallow the words and the oceans drown the world.
I crossed the line of everything lost, wich was drawn behind me.

I'm afraid that the regret won't never fade away.
Like a stone on my shoulders, I have a reason to stay.
I have reason to stay with these frozen memories.
I'm crowning to a stone.

Did i deserve all these things I got?
Only memories makes a sense keeping me alive.
Life in my world is just a dark cube.
In this little circle of mine, I'm choking to weight of my stone.


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