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Bloodsplattered Pathological Disfunctions

Album: ''Bloodsplattered Pathological Disfunctions'' (2000 EP)
1. Intro: The Pathology Begins...
2. Prostatic Affection Consequent To Blenorrhagical Urethritis
3. Congenital Tumour Constituted By Embryonic Tissues and Foetal Residues
4. Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution)
5. Suppurated Inflammatory Intumescentia of the Ophtalmic Conjunctive
6. C.H.S. Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Melittus)
7. Vulva Fermentation [Regurgitate cover]
8. Degenerative Affection of the Semitendious Muscular Tract
9. Surgical Suppression of the Extremities by Abnormalities on the Basic Mechanisms of Sanguine Coagulation
10. Inflammatory Fermentation of The Gastric Tissue
11. Pneumo-Ingurgitation Consequent to the Embolism of a Peripherial Branch of the Pulmonary Arteries
12. Mephitic Emenation of Malignant Omphalitis
13. Abnormal Multiplication of the Diaphragmatic Tissue Cells
14. Spontaneous And Spasmodic Contraction of The Muscle-Membranous Ligaments of The Esophagus
15. Affection Characterized by Inflammation of the Bronquioles and Corresponding Pulmonary Lobules
16. Infectious Pyelonephritis By Pathogenic Bacteriologic Proliferation On The Renal Parenchyma
17. Sub-Acute Inguinal Lymphogranulomatous Ganglionar Maceration

Mechanisms of Disease: An Introduction to Pathology

Album: ''Mechanisms of Disease: An Introduction to Pathology'' (2001 Split)
1. Hail the Black Noise
2. Prelude to War
3. Malignant Tumour grown from Renal Parenchyma
4. Concrete Sablilized Within the Excreting Canal of the Salivary Glands

XXX Maniak / Lymphatic Phlegm

Album: ''XXX Maniak / Lymphatic Phlegm'' (2005 Split)
1. Try Our Atkins Friendly Jizz Load
2. Mannequin At the Campsite
3. 58 Cumstains
4. Enslaved In the Rape Chamber
5. Adoration of the Feces
6. Dead In A Drainage Ditch
7. Cemetery Bukkake
8. Fuck Snake Warriors
9. Ghost Torturing Dance Party
10. Too Young, Too Hot
11. Boys Forced Into Prostitution
12. Negrosexual
13. The Father Was A Fondler
14. Dope Slut
15. Slaughterhouse Pornography
16. Young, Stupid, and Ready
17. Illegal Teens Do Anything For Money
18. Smut Castle
19. Not A Matter of If, But When
20. Automatic Cocksucker
21. Gorestar
22. Object
23. Chicks Fucking Landlords For Rent
24. Once You Touch My Doorknob, You Are Mine
25. Ass Gin and Cunt Juice
26. There Is No Way to Protect Your Family
27. The Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report (Forensics Entertainment)
28. Chronic Epidermic Necrolysis (Multiform Erythema)
29. Methane - filled: Bloated Cadaveric Cavities - Putrefaction Progression
30. Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery)
31. Paroxysmal Syphilitic Hemoglobinuria (Autohemolysis Serosa)
32. Anatomie
33. Swarming Streptococcal Affection On Penfigus Vulgaris
34. The Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report (Forensics Entertainment) II
35. Ultimate Consequence of the Different Actions That Constitute the Set of Changes Sustained by Digested Stuff In the Whole Digestive Complex
36. Grim Occurrences of Great Interest to the Forensic Medico-legal Experts
37. "What Lives That Doesn't Live From the Death of Someone Else?"

lymphatic phlegm


Lymphatic Phlegm is a Brazilian goregrind duo formed in 1996 in Curitiba (PR) by Rodrigo Alcantara (guitar, bass, drum programming) and Andre Luiz (vocals). The band now is one of the leaders in the style thanks to their sick and experimental compositions. They have one demo, one EP and one full-lenght albums, all the rest are splits with other popular goreheads. tapulan mo headbang.


gore, pathology

Brazil (Curitiba, PR), formed in 1996

Black Hole Productions


Rodrigo Alcantara - Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming
Andre Luiz - Vocals (Offal)


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