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Album: ''Disincarnate'' (1991)
1. Steering For Paradise
2. After Thy Thought
3. Dusk to Dawn
4. Outlet For Conscience
5. Disquieting Beliefs
6. The Horror Within
7. Arrive Into Death Soon
8. Wrapped In Roses
9. Shaped Images Of Disincarnate Spirits

Sublime Dementia

Album: ''Sublime Dementia'' (1993)
1. Presumption
2. Wisdom... (Farther On)
3. Turn the Scales
4. About Solitude
5. Subject to Spirit
6. Fire and Ice
7. In Perpetual Motion
8. Fancies
9. Sublime Dementia
10. My Last Journey

Cross the Threshold

Album: ''Cross the Threshold'' (1993 EP)
1. Malignant Growth '93
2. No Tears to Share
3. Mandatory Suicide (SLAYER cover)
4. Cross the Threshold
5. Subject to Spirit (new version)
6. Sublime Dementia (Morrisound version)

The Time Keeper

Album: ''The Time Keeper'' (1995 Live album)
1. Intro:Preludium
2. Presumption
3. Wisdom...Farther On
4. Subject To Spirit
5. Cross The Threshold
6. Steering For Paradise
7. Shaped Images Of Disincarnate Spirits
8. Fancies
9. About Solitude
10. Outlet For Conscience
11. Fire And Ice
12. No Tears To Share
13. Sublime Dementia
14. Wrapped In Roses
15. This Dazzling Abyss
16. Malignant Growth
17. My Last Journey


Album: ''Fragments'' (1998)
1. Man's Own
2. Flesh
3. Frozen Tears
4. Taste Me
5. Into The Keep
6. Labyrinth
7. Vices
8. Worthy Of Angels
9. Pleasure Focus
10. Ecstatic Trance
11. I Against I
12. Carpe Diem

Planet Pandemonium

Album: ''Planet Pandemonium'' (2004)
1. Bow Down
2. The Serpent's Circle
3. Pain Brothers
4. Last Sabbath
5. The Descent
6. Mindless Mankind
7. Words Of Vanity
8. Scarlet Mist
9. Roaming In Between Worlds
10. Days In Black



Loudblast is one of the oldest French death metal band. Formed in northern France in 1986 they released four death/thrash albums before disbanding in 1999. Stéphane Buriez and Hervé Coquerel then formed clearcut. Coquerel also joined hardcore band Black Bomb A in 2001. The band reformed in 2002 with Agressor's singer on guitars and released a new album in 2004.

-- discography --

1987 Licensed To Thrash (split-CD with Agressor)
1989 Sensorial Treatment
1991 Disincarnate
1993 Sublime Dementia
1993 Cross The Threshold (EP)
1995 The Time Keeper - Live'95
1998 Fragments
1998 Live (The Time Keeper + 2nd live CD)
1999 A Taste Of Death (compilation)
2004 Planet Pandemonium

Thrash/Melodic Death Metal

Death, Sex, Human Concerns, Environment (later)

France (Villeneuve d'Asq), formed in 1985

Metal 13


Stéphane Buriez - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Colin-Tocquaine - Guitar (Agressor (Fra), Bloodthorn, ex-Imbecilator)
François Jamin- Bass
Hervé Coquerel - Drums (also in Black Bomb A, Aeons)

Thierry Pinck: drums (07/90 - 03/92) (ex-Agressor (Fra))
Nicolas Leclercq - Guitar
Joris Terrier: drums (09/85 - 07/90) (ex-Distress (Fra))
Patrick Evrard: bass (10/85 - 09/86)
Stéphane Jobert: guitars (09/94 - 01/95)


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