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Moon in the Scorpio

Album: ''Moon in the Scorpio'' (1996)
1. Beneath The Burial Surface
2. Moon In The Scorpio
3. Through Gleams Of Death
4. Untitled
5. In Mourning Mystique (Overtune - Nocturne)
6. Beyond The Candles Burning
7. Darkzone Martyrium

Promo 1996

Album: ''Promo 1996'' (1996 Demo)
1. Beyond the Candles Burning
2. Moon in the Scorpio
3. In Mourning Mystique

In Abhorrence Dementia

Album: ''In Abhorrence Dementia'' (1997)
1. In Abhorrence Dementia
2. A Demonoid Virtue
3. Descend to Oblivion (Bonus Track)
4. A Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace
5. When Mind and Flesh Departs
6. Deathtrip to a Mirage Asylum
7. Under Burdens of Life's Holocaust
8. Abyssmal Necromancy (Bonus track)
9. Oceania
10. Behind the Mask Obscure
11. Misanthropic Spectrum

Epitome of Illusions

Album: ''Epitome of Illusions'' (1998 Best of/Compilation)
1. Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares
2. Eve of Midnight
3. Path of Ice
4. Sources to Agonies
5. Solace of the Shadows
6. The Black Heart's Nirvana
7. Arctic Odyssey
8. Phantasmagorial Dreams (bonus track)

Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death

Album: ''Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death'' (1999)
1. The Dark Paranormal Calling
2. As the Bell of Immolation Calls
3. Pits of the Cold Beyond
4. Dynasty of Death
5. Behind the Darkened Walls of Sleep (bonustrack)
6. The Supreme Sacrifice
7. In Embers of Infernal Greed
8. Enthralled by the Shrine of Silence (bonustrack)
9. The Yawning Abyss of Madness

The Ultimate Death Worship

Album: ''The Ultimate Death Worship'' (2002)
1. The Ultimate Death Worship
2. Suicide Commando
3. Purgatorial Agony
4. Towards the Oblivion of Dreams
5. Last Rite for the Silent Darkstar
6. Interstellar Overdrive
7. From the Shades of Hatred
8. Funeral of Death

Legacy of Evil

Album: ''Legacy of Evil'' (2007)
1. A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
2. A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
3. Grace By Torments
4. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
5. Legacy Of Evil
6. Lycanthropic Tales
7. Nebulous Dawn
8. Seven Doors Of Death
9. Twilight Omen
10. Unleashed From Hell

limbonic art


Limbonic Art is a symphonic black metal band known for their bombast as well as extremity. Their lyrical themes are Death and Darkness.

Limbonic Art was formed in 1993 in Norway, and for a short while existed with a 4 member line-up. Before any material was released the band became a 2 piece, and have stayed that way for their entire existence. The two members going under the monikers of Daemon (Vidar Jensen) and Morpheus (Krister Dreyer). Throughout 1995 and 1996 they recorded two tapes, one rehearsal tape and one official promo tape. This caught the attention of the label Nocturnal Art Productions (owned by Samoth of Emperor and Zyklon fame). In 1996 the band released their debut, "Moon in the Scorpio".

Mixing in atmospheric elements with harsh black metal the band gained a large underground following. As they progressed through their career their albums became less symphonic and more orientated on pure Black metal. But they never lost touch of their symphonic roots, continuing to infuse their music with keyboards. Throughout their existence they got criticism for using an electronic drum computer. The fans of the band were however not bothered by this.

In 1998 they released some of their early demo material. The material was fully re-recorded and released under the title 'Epitome of Illusions'. On which the band also thanked their fans for their support throughout the years.

in 2000 Samoth formed Zyklon and invited Daemon to perform vocals on their first album and several live gigs, including Mystic Festival in Poland in 2001, after which Daemon left due to personal reasons and lack of time to go on tour.

In February of 2003 the band broke up. However Daemon and Morpheus announced the reforming of Limbonic Art on 06/06/2006.

Their new album entitled 'Legacy of Evil' Will be released September 24th, 2007 by Nocturnal Art Productions.

1995 - Promo Rehearsal '95
1996 - Promo 1996
1996 - Moon in the Scorpio (Nocturnal Art Productions)
1997 - In Abhorrence Dementia (Nocturnal Art Productions)
1998 - Epitome of Illusions (Nocturnal Art Productions)
1999 - Ad Noctum - Dynasty of Death (Nocturnal Art Productions)
1999 - Chronicles of Limbo
2002 - The Ultimate Death Worship (Nocturnal Art Productions)
2007 - Legacy of Evil

Symphonic Black Metal

Death and Darkness...

Norway (Sandefjord), formed in 1993

Nocturnal Art Productions


Daemon (Vidar Jensen) - Vocals, Guitars (ex-Zyklon, Sarcoma Inc.)
Morfeus (Krister Dreyer) - Electronics, Guitars, Vocals (Dimension F3H)

Per Eriksen - Drums (ex-Peccatum)

Session Members:

Morgana (Anne Aasebø) - Female Vocals on "The Moon in the Scorpio" and "In Abhorrence Dementia"
Lisbeth Fagerheim - Female Vocals on "In Abhorrence Dementia"
Attila Csihar - Guest Vocals on "The Ultimate Death Worship" (Tormentor (Hun), Mayhem (Nor), Korog, Plasma Pool, ex-Keep of Kalessin, Burial Chamber Trio, Current 93, Grave Temple, ex-Aborym (Ita))


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