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Sons Of Svalbard

Album: ''Sons Of Svalbard'' (2005 Demo)
1. Dozer Load
2. Deadly Detour
3. Russian Chopper Attack
4. The March of Svalbard
5. Politisk Renkespill



About Liklukt
It all started the summer of 1994, when we realized Liklukt would make a sweet band name. It first consisted of Tapir on drums, and Sigar on acoustic guitar and yelling. The first untitled demo was recorded with only drums and vocals, with no pre-rehearsed material. It was a landmark of crap and experimentation, with titles such as "the tight sheep", "I have warm feelings for you" and so on (in norwegian, of course). We then enlisted the bellowing duties of Tosk, and he stayed with us for two demos, among them the now lost "Anal Hell" demo. Two other demos were never to be properly released, and they had some crappy sound. Then came a period with great creativity, spawning the legendary (yeah, rite) demo "Play My Ejaculele", unfortunately with crappy sound also. This time there were some kind of bass present on there, it was just inaudible. Geir Love was also a member during or after this, but unfortunately never really recorded anything with the band, as Sigar dominated the bass during recording for convenience reasons. Then came a period of extremely low productivity, while Sigar was drinking heavily in Molde while studying. Nevertheless, some songs slowly started to emerge, without actually being recorded properly. Suddenly a demo was spawned, the infamous first recording of "Sons Of Svalbard". The sound was so bad that Tapir spent a fortune to buy a space drum kit, and a ProTools setup, and the whole thing was recorded again, this time with decent sound. The first version of the demo was cut into small pieces and scattered over the North Sea. Drunk on relative success with the marginally improved sound, megalomania set in, creativity was sky high, and next year the "Trapped on the Seabed" demo came out. As this is being written, another demo is in the process of being recorded (sort of), and it will be finished hopefully during the summer this year. In true Liklukt fashion, yet another demo is already being planned, although it will surely take another year before it will surface.

Death Metal

Death, Sea, Submarines

Norway (Molde), formed in 1994



Tosk - Vocals
Tapir - Drums
Sigar - Guitar
Geir Ove - Bass


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