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Falls Of Torment

Album: ''Falls Of Torment'' (1995)
1. Battlecries
2. Winterseason
3. Sleepless
4. Suggestion
5. Shatter
6. Stormwind
7. Gone
8. Blade (live)


Album: ''Invictus'' (1997)
1. New Born Fire
2. Steel Against Steel
3. Falls of Torment
4. Circle of Blood
5. Deathwish
6. Natural Order
7. Whispers of Damnation
8. 2000 AD
9. Disarmed
10. Blade
11. Invictus
12. Fx7



"Liar" is the name of a Belgian metalcore band and an American rock band.

Liar (Belgium): Hailing from the notorious H8000 (West-Flanders) area (Belgium) and being one of the leading European metalcore bands since early 1995, LIAR has built a reputation for excellence both in the realm of live performance and on their studio efforts. The band is famous for it's direct and militant approaches and always have said what they wanted to say, always have said what others don't wanna hear. LIAR never followed any trends and as a matter of fact are the originators of metalcore in Europe and beyond, many other bands and individuals are influenced by the driving and aggressive music and lyrical content the band is breathing. The band is bringing you the trademarking sound of the old h8000 style without being boring and in fact LIAR continues to re-invent themselves, incorporating new elements into their repetoire, while retaining the same core mix of metal and tightness that have served them well in all their past releases. The band has started off with the legendary 'Falls Of Torment' release on Goodlife and shocked the entire scene with the sleeve artwork, note that no other bands dared to touch a 100% metal looking sleeve, while Liar simply did it...after that the 'invictus' album was released on genet records, this was the break-through album for the band and soon hordes of kids followed the band all over Europe..some year later or so the release of the high technical 'deathrow earth' was a fact, a release packed with probably the hardest and most controversial lyrics of the band then, however it didn't stop LIAR from doing a hectic show program and touring schedule that was more than good, some changes in the line-up and again a label switch gave birth to 'Liars Hell', probably the most dark and slower record the band did in their career, the touring schedule and the shows were still going crazy though...later on 4 songs were recorded for the split release with Polish sXe rockers Sunrise on the German label Lifeforce, currently the new home of Liar, a new full lenght record is planned for the end of the year. Each record has been a giant step forward, packed with sing-along anthems and hard honest metalcore that even the die-hard old school hardcore fan can appreciate,live shows are most of the time a steaming hot place with a variety of kids checking the band and going crazy. LIAR has been playing in front of different crowds, be it a large place or the smallest club, the band has shared stage with a wide variety of bands, from The Promise Ring to Bolt Thrower to Boy Sets Fire to Earth Crisis LIAR continues to demonstrate speed, heavyness and rage, creating that shows influences in metal and hardcore while retaining a fierce sense of individual style that imitates no one. Hearing is believing for sure! LIAR has almost toured the whole European continent and has recently toured Japan and probably the rest of the world will follow. The messages are simple, yet subtle and honest...the band is one of the longest lasting sXe bands worldwide, where other bands seem to fail, either by giving up or either by stepping out of the scene in general, LIAR has a mission and cannot be stopped,the band is a weapon and a statement, more than just playing some instruments and making loud and hard music, the band adresses issues such as Straight Edge, Animal Rights, Human rights as well as the struggles of friendship, love, loss and touching upon religion, injustice,sexism,rape and socio-cultural topics in general. TEAM HELL= Bert - Drums UxJ- Bass Vegan Ward - guitars Matth- guitars Hans- Vocals

Liar (USA): An early project of virtuoso guitarist Eric McFadden, Liar released two albums: Devil Dog Road in 1996 and Gone Too Far in 1998. Originally from Albuquerque and later relocating to San Francisco, they played an energetic variety of Americana with influences of carnival music and hard rock.


Liberation, Human/Animal Rights, Veganism, etc.

Belgium (West Flanders), formed in 1995

GSR Music


Hans Verbeke - Vocals (Rise Above, Nations on Fire, Blindfold, Spirit of Youth, Shortsight, Marky Ramone & Speedkings, Sledgehammer)
Vegan Ward (Ward Duffraimont) - Guitars (Ignominy, Firestone, Dawn of a Nation, All I Know)
Matth (Matthias Halsberghe) - Guitars (Empathy, Sledgehammer)
UxJx - Bass (Dreft, Congress)
Bart Vennekens - Drums (Heartwork, Rigor Mortis, ex-Tapetum Lucidum)

Josh Fury - Guitars (Congress)
Lennart - Guitars (Firestone)
Christophe - Guitars (ex-Aborted, Allignment)
Raf - Drums
Bert Guillemont - Drums (Black Spirit, Sektor, Strong Individual)
Tim - Drums (Trenchfoot (Bel))


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