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Album: ''1980-1987'' (1996)
1. Legion (1984)
2. Armageddon (1987)
3. Hozyain Zla (Master of Evil, 1987)
4. Listopad (Fall of the Leaves, 1981)
5. Topor (Axe, 1987)
6. Chempion (Champion, 1986)
7. Grust (Grief, 1983)
8. Volshebnik (Wizard, 1980)
9. Mirage (1980)
10. S.O.S. (1984)
11. Beliy Glas (White Voice, 1987)
12. Mir Pod Sekretom (World In Secret, 1980)
13. III Mirovaya (World War III, 1987)

Day Mne Imya

Album: ''Day Mne Imya'' (1996)
1. Day Mne Imya (Give Me A Name)
2. Devyatnatsad Let (19 Years)
3. Noch Hranitelya Vulkana (Night Of The Vulcano Keeper)
4. Shutov Prognat (Banish The Jokers)
5. Noch Dionisa (Night Of Dionis)
6. V Sumerkah (In Twilight)
7. Polet Orla (Eagle's Flight)
8. Techenie (Flow)
9. Heretic


Album: ''Prorochestvo'' (1999)
1. Do Svyatoy Zemli (To The Holy Land)
2. Tsarica Chernih Skal (Mistress Of Black Rocks)
3. More Dlya Nas (Sea For Us)
4. V Poiskah Avallona (Searching For Avalon)
5. Pisma V Edem (Letters To Edem)
6. Echo
7. Kak Mnogo Slez (So Much Tears)
8. Turetskoe Rondo (Rondo alla Turka [by Mozart])
9. Prorochestvo (Prophecy)

U Okna (At the Window)

Album: ''U Okna (At the Window)'' (2000)
1. Nochnie Volki (Night Wolves)
2. U Okna (At The Window)
3. Lunnaya Sonata (Moonlight [by Beethoven])
4. Dvoe (The Two)
5. Kair
6. Veteran
7. Ne Ubivay (Don't Kill) (bonus)
8. Enter Sandman (bonus)

Pendulum Of Times

Album: ''Pendulum Of Times'' (2003)
1. Moya Rossiya/My Russia
2. Posledniy Glotok/Last Sip
3. Provody/Farewell
4. Nashestvie/Invasion
5. Smerti Net.../No Death...
6. Pobeda!/Victory!
7. Mayatnik Vremen/Pendulum Of Times
8. I Zhiv, I Mertv/Dead And Alive
9. Moy Den' Nastanet/My Day Will Come
10. Moy Son/My Dream
11. Listopad 2003/Falling Leaves 2003
12. Rok/Rock

  (Elements of Fire)

Album: ''Ñòèõèÿ îãíÿ (Elements of Fire)'' (2004)
1. Ðûöàðü ëåãèîíà (Knight of the Legion)
2. Ôàíòàçèÿ (Fantasy)
3. Ïòèöà (Bird)
4. Âûáîð (Choice)
5. Íî÷ü (Night)
6. Ñòèõèÿ îãíÿ (Elements of Fire)
7. Ðàññâåò (Dawn)
8. Çåðêàëà (Mirrors)
9. Çâåçäà (Star)
10. Èãðà (Game) (Bonus)

The Game (Igra)

Album: ''The Game (Igra)'' (2004 Single)
1. Igra
2. The Game (eng)



There are several groups who have used the name Legion:

1. A dark ambient project of Andrew Lagowski based in London. Andrew Lagowski has been recording electronic music since 1982. He has worked on many projects including S.E.T.I., Legion, Terror Against Terror, Isolrubin B.K. and Lustmord.

In 1992/3 Lagowski released a series of 12" singles on the Chromium Industries and GPR labels which brought widespread recognition from domestic radio stations such as Kiss FM and BBC's John Peel show and numerous European and continental stations.

Releases Under the Name Legion:
False Dawn (CD) - Hyperium Records, 1992
Die Datenschleuder (CD, Album) - Hyperium Records, 1994
Tunnelvision (7", Ltd) - Syntactic, 1994
Leviathan (CD) - Side Effects, 1996
Zodiac (CD, Album, Ltd) - Auf Abwegen, 2003
Shapeshifting In Abalone (CDr) -, 2004
Shapeshifting In Abalone (MP3) - 2006

2. An apocalyptic hardcore band from Birmingham Alabama formed in 2006.

Home Recordings 06-07 - 2007

3. A RAC group formed in 1990/91 with strong sinheads movement connections. In 1992 most of the musicians were replaced. A series of beak-ups and reunions persisted until 1996 when some remaining members went on to form a new group called Feniks, fronted by Tomasz Kostyła.

Lata walk ulicznych ("Years of Street Fighting") - 1992
My, nowe pokolenie ("We, The New Generation") - 1993
A.M.D.G (Latin: Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam) - 1993

4. A Polish black metal group heavily tied with the NSBM scene, it was formed in 1994 by former Graveland instrumentalist and Robert Fudali.

Blood on My Knife Demo - 1994
Legion / Perunwit Split - 1995
Legion / Veles Split - 2004

5. A thrash metal band formed in 1986 in Barcelona, Spain.

Demo - 1988
Lethal Liberty - 1989
Mind Training - 1990
Por la Cara EP - 1990
Labyrinth of Problems - 1992
Bag Full of Meat Single - 1992

6. Легион, a Russian heavy metal band since 1981. Correct name should be in cyrillic letters.

Traditional/Melodic Power Metal

Fantasy, Tales, Love, Philosophy

Russia (Moscow), formed in 1981



Aleksey Bulgakov - vocals (Arteria (Rus), ex-Aria (Rus))
Sergey Bokaryev - guitar
Stanislav Kozlov - bass
Sergey Yeranov - drums
Alexander Orlov - keyboards

Alexandr Tsvetkov - guitar
Oleg Tsarev (R.I.P.) - bass
Alexey Chernishov - guitar
Sergey Stasilovich - guitar
Sergey Komarov (R.I.P.) - drums (Triumphal Arch)
Sergey Stepanov - guitars
Oleg Troskin - bass
Sergei Balandin - drums
Alexey Bykov - drums (Miriada, ex-Archontes, The Arrow, ex-Hunters)


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