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Midnight Resistance

Album: ''Midnight Resistance'' (1995 Demo)
1. Midnight Resistance
2. Rad Zone
3. I'm On Fire
4. Out Of Memory
5. Virtual Vortex
6. Gates Of Madness

Piece of Time

Album: ''Piece of Time'' (1995 EP)
1. Piece of Time
2. In the Shade
3. Call Me
4. Miles Away

No Limits

Album: ''No Limits'' (1996)
1. Mortal Sin
2. Midnight Resistence
3. Dreamland
4. Piece Of Time
5. Vertigo
6. In The Shade
7. No Limits
8. The Right Sign
9. Red Zone
10. Time Has Come
11. Looking For...

Return To Heaven Denied

Album: ''Return To Heaven Denied'' (1998)
1. Moonlight
2. New Horizons
3. The Night of Dreams
4. Lady Lost In Time
5. State of Grace
6. Heaven Denied
7. Thunder
8. Feel
9. Time After Time
10. Falling Rain
11. Die for Freedom

Timeless Crime

Album: ''Timeless Crime'' (1999 EP)
1. Save Me
2. Out of Memory
3. In The Shade
4. Falling Rain (Acoustic Version)

Sons of Thunder

Album: ''Sons of Thunder'' (2001)
1. Chapter 1
2. Kathryn
3. Sons of Thunder
4. Elegy
5. Behind the Mask
6. Touch the Rainbow
7. Rage of the King
8. Save Me
9. Love
10. I Feel You


Album: ''Labyrinth'' (2003)
1. The Prophet
2. Livin' In A Maze
3. This World
4. Just Soldier (Stay Down)
5. Neverending Rest
6. Terzinato
7. Slave to the Night
8. Synthetic Paradise
9. Hand In Hand
10. When I Will Fly Far


Album: ''Freeman'' (2005)
1. L.Y.A.F.H.
2. Deserter
3. Dive In Open Waters
4. Freeman
5. M3
6. Face and Pay
7. Malcolm Grey
8. Nothing New
9. Infidels
10. Meanings

6 Days To Nowhere

Album: ''6 Days To Nowhere'' (2007)
1. Crossroads
2. There Is A Way
3. Lost
4. Mother Earth
5. Waiting Tomorrow
6. Come Together (The Beatles cover)
7. Just One Day
8. What???
9. Coldness
10. Rusty Nail
11. Out of Control
12. Wolves’N’Lambs
13. Smoke and Dreams
14. Piece of Time



Labyrinth is an Italian progressive power metal band created in the early 1990s, with famous former members (who has left the band since) like Fabio Lione (singer, Rhapsody) or Olaf Thorsen (guitarist, Vision Divine). Since 1994, they've released six albums. The sixth, called "6 Days to Nowhere", was released in 26/02/07.

The Current Line-up of the band is:
* Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant) - Lead Vocals & Bass
* Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain) - Guitar
* Pier Gonella - Guitar
* Mattia Stancioiu (Mat Stancioiu) - Drums
* Andrea De Paoli (Andrew McPauls) - Keyboard

2.Labyrinth is also an alias of Djarvi Moris a.k.a Sandling and Void Settler

Progressive Power Metal

Fantasy (early), Human Issues, Personal Thoughts

Italy (Massa), formed in 1991

Scarlet Records


Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant) - Vocals & Bass (Athlantis, Genius, Wild Steel, Vanexa, New Trolls) (1997-1998, 1999-)
Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain) - Guitar (1991-)
Pier Gonella - Guitar (Odyssea, Athlantis, Necrodeath, guest in Rezophonic, Wild Steel (Session)) (2003-)
Andrea de Paoli (Andrew McPauls) - Keyboards, Piano (ex-Shadows of Steel, ex-Vision Divine) (1997-)
Mattia Stancioiu (Mat Stancioiu) - Drums (Magnifiqat, ex-Cydonia (Ita), Crown of Autumn, Mandragora Scream, ex-Vision Divine, ex-Pandaemonium (Ita), ex-Alice in Darkland, ex-Arkenemy, ex-Demonia) (1997-)

Joe Terry (Fabio Tordiglione aka Lione) (1991-1996) (ex-Vision Divine, Rhapsody of Fire, ex-Athena (Ita), as guest in Beto Vázquez Infinity)
Adolfo 'Morby' Morviducci (Domine, Arthur Falcone, Sabotage (Ita), ex-Dark Lord, ex-Time Machine) (1998-1999)

Carlo Andrea Magnani (Olaf Thorsen) (Vision Divine, Eddy Antonini) (1991-2002)

Cristiano Bertocchi (Chris Breeze) (Vision Divine) (1995-2006)
Andrea Bartoletti (1991-1994) (Earthmover, Shining Fury)

Frank Andiver (Anger (Ita), Shadows of Steel, Wonderland, Wild Steel (Session)) (1991-1996)

Ken Taylor (1991-1996)


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