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Album: ''Krokus'' (1976)
1. Majale
2. Angela Part 1
3. Energy
4. Mostsaphin
5. No Way
6. Eventide Clockworks
7. Freak Dream
8. Jumpin' In
9. Insalata Mysta
10. Angela Part 2
11. Just Like Everyday

One Vice at Time

Album: ''One Vice at Time'' (1982)
1. Long Stick goes Boom
2. Bad Boys, Rag Dolls
3. Playin' the Outlaw
4. To the Top
5. Down the Drain
6. American Woman
7. I'm on the Run
8. Save me
9. Rock'n Roll


Album: ''Headhunter'' (1983)
1. Headhunter
2. Eat the Rich
3. Screaming in the Night
4. Ready to Burn
5. Night Wolf
6. Stayed Awake all Night
7. Stand and Be Counted
8. White Din
9. Russian Winter

The Blitz

Album: ''The Blitz'' (1984)
1. Midnite Maniac
2. Out of Control
3. Boys Nite Out
4. Our Love
5. Out to Lunch
6. Ballroom Blitz
7. Rock the Nation
8. Hot Stuff
9. Ready to Rock

Ballroom Blitz

Album: ''Ballroom Blitz'' (1984 EP)
1. Ballroom Blitz
2. Ready to Rock
3. Out of Control

Change of Address

Album: ''Change of Address'' (1986)
1. Now (All Through The Night)
2. Hot Shot City
3. School's Out
4. Let this Love Begin
5. Burning up the Night
6. Say Goodbye
7. World in Fire
8. Hard Luck Hero
9. Long Way from Home

Stayed Awake all Night

Album: ''Stayed Awake all Night'' (1989 Best of/Compilation)
1. Headhunter
2. Eat the Rich
3. Long Stick Goes Boom
4. Screaming in the Night
5. American Woman
6. Midnite Maniac
7. Ballroom Blitz
8. Stayed Awake All Night
9. Our Love
10. School's Out

The Ultimate Collection

Album: ''The Ultimate Collection'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Ballroom Blitz
2. Long Stick Goes Boom
3. Bad Boys-Rag Dolls
4. Playin' The Outlaw
5. American Woman
6. Midnite Maniac
7. Night Wolf
8. Headhunter
9. Eat The Rich
10. School's Out
11. Bedside Radio
12. She's Got Everything
13. Heatstrokes
14. Screaming In The Night
15. Stayed Awake All Night

Headhunter Blitz

Album: ''Headhunter Blitz'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Midnight Maniac
2. Eat the Rich
3. Ballroom Blitz
4. Headhunter
5. American Woman
6. School's Out
7. Stayed Awake All Night
8. Long Stick Goes Boom
9. Hot Shot City
10. Screaming in the Night

Rock the Block

Album: ''Rock the Block'' (2003)
1. Mad World
2. Leading The Pack
3. I Want It All
4. Open Fire
5. One For All
6. Looking To America
7. Go My Way
8. Hot Shot
9. Raise Your Hands
10. Night Of The Snakes
11. Throwing Her China
12. We'll Rise
13. Freedom
14. Rock The Block

Long Stick Goes Boom: The Anthology

Album: ''Long Stick Goes Boom: The Anthology'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Long Stick Goes Boom
2. Bad Boys Rag Dolls
3. I'm on the Run
4. To the Top
5. American Woman
6. Headhunter
7. Screaming in the Night
8. Stayed Awake All Night
9. Ballroom Blitz
10. Ready to Rock
11. Out of Control
12. Midnite Maniac
13. School's Out
14. Boy's Nite Out
15. Hot Shot City
16. Long Stick Goes Boom (live)
17. Lay Me Down (live)
18. Eat the Rich (live)


Album: ''Hellraiser'' (2006)
1. Hellraiser
2. Too Wired To Sleep
3. Hangman
4. Angel Of My Dreams
5. Fight On
6. So Long
7. Spirit Of The Night
8. Midnite Fantasy
9. No Risk No Gain
10. Turnin’ Inside Out
11. Take My Love
12. Justice
13. Love Will Survive
14. Rocks Off!



Krokus is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Switzerland.

Krokus was founded in Solothurn in 1974. It enjoyed some popularity in the 1980s through MTV exposure and videos which made Krokus the most internationally successful Swiss rock band. In Europe, they toured with Nazareth and in the United States with AC/DC, Motörhead, Rush, and Judas Priest. Their album Headhunter was a platinum album in the United States.

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Switzerland (Solothurn), formed in 1975

AFM Records


Marc Storace - Vocals (Warrior (US), Biss, Tea)
Mandy Meyer - Guitar
Dominique Favez - Guitar
Tony Castell - Bass
Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums (Ex-X-Wild, Helloween, Paradox (Ger), Running Wild, Accept, U.D.O., Voice, Cronos Titan)

Henry Friez (1979)
Björn Lodin (1988-1989) (Six Feet Under (Swe), Bedlam (Swe), Baltomoore)
Peter McTanner (1990-1992) (Bloody Six, Headhunter (Che))
Carl Sentance (1999-2001) (Tredegar, Tokyo Blade, Persian Risk (UK), Power Project, Geezer, Leading Star)

Hansi Droz (1976)
Fernando von Arb (1976-2004)
Mark Kohler (Guitar & Bass)(1982-1988, 1994-1996)
Patrick Mason (1983)
Many Maurer (Guitar & Bass) (1989-2000) (Headhunter (Che), Killer (Che))
Chris Lauper (1999)
Dave Stettler (2000)

Jürg Nägeli (Bass & Keyboard) (1976-1980)
Andy Tanas (1984-1985)
Tommy Keiser (1985-1986) (ex-Cobra)

Freddy Steady (1976-1982, 1994-1996)
Peter Haas (1990-1992, 1999-2001) (ex-Mekong Delta, Babylon Sad, Poltergeist (Che), Clockwork (Che), ex-Calhoun Conquer)
Steve Pace (1983)
Jeff Klaven (1983-1986)
Dani Crivelli (1987-1989)
Cliff Rodgers (1999)
Marcel Kopp (2000)
Patrick Aeby (2002-2005) (Genocide (Che))


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