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The Plague

Album: ''The Plague'' (1992 Demo)
1. Sinner's Scorn
2. Evil Mastermind
3. Prophecies of the Plague

Unmerciful Order

Album: ''Unmerciful Order'' (1994 EP)
1. They Call Me Death
2. Unmerciful Order
3. Crosses Toward Hell
4. Agonize the Ending
5. Summons of Irreligious
6. Meaning of Terror
7. Infected Core
8. Rises From Black

Black Force Domain

Album: ''Black Force Domain'' (1995)
1. Black Force Domain
2. Messiah of the Double Cross
3. Hunter of Souls
4. Blind Possession
5. Evil Mastermind
6. Infamous Glory
7. Rejected to Perish Below
8. Meanest Evil
9. Obsession by Evil Force
10. Sacrifice of the Unborn

Apocalyptic Revelation

Album: ''Apocalyptic Revelation'' (1998)
1. Creation's Scourge
2. Kings of Killing
3. Apocalyptic Victory
4. Aborticide (In the Crypts of Holiness)
5. March of the Black Hordes
6. Vengeance's Revelation
7. Rites of Defamation
8. Meaning of Terror
9. Rises From Black

Conquerors of Armageddon

Album: ''Conquerors of Armageddon'' (2000)
1. Intro / Ravager
2. Abyssal Gates
3. Soul Devourer
4. Messiah's Abomination
5. Cursed Scrolls
6. Conquerors of Armageddon
7. Hatred Inherit
8. Iron Stakes
9. Endless Madness Descends

Ageless Venomous

Album: ''Ageless Venomous'' (2001)
1. Perpetuation
2. Dawn of Flagellation
3. Ageless Venomous
4. Evil Gods Havoc
5. Eyes of Eternal Scourge
6. Saviour's Blood
7. Serpents Specter (Instrumental)
8. Ravenous Hordes
9. Diableros (Instrumental)
10. Sepulchral Oath

Works Of Carnage

Album: ''Works Of Carnage'' (2003)
1. Thorns of Heaven
2. Murderer
3. Ethereal World
4. Works of Carnage
5. Slaughtering Void
6. Scourged Centuries
7. War Ritual
8. Wolfen Tyranny
9. Sentinel of the Fallen Earth
10. Shadows
11. In League With Satan (Venom Cover)
12. Outro


Album: ''Bloodshed'' (2004)
1. Slain Fate
2. Ominous
3. Servant of Emptiness
4. Eons
5. Hateful Nature
6. Visions Beyond
7. Voodoo
8. They Call Me Death
9. Unmerciful Order
10. Crosses Toward Hell
11. Infected Core
12. Outro / MMIV


Album: ''AssassiNation'' (2006)
1. Bloodcraft
2. Natural Genocide
3. Vicious Wrath
4. Refusal
5. H.O.G. (House of God)
6. Fathers Perversion
7. Suicidal Savagery
8. Doomed
9. United in Deception
10. Decimated
11. Summon
12. Sweet Revenge (Motörhead Cover)



Krisiun is Death Metal from South America.

Formed in 1990, Krisium, Brutal aggression, solid musicianship, excellent production; Have made Seven solid albums to date.

Current line-up:
Alex Camargo - Bass, Vocals
Max Kolesne - Drums
Moyses Kolesne - Guitar

Former members:
MaurĂ­cio Nogueira - Guitar (Torture Squad, In Hell, Zoltar)
Altemir Souza (R.I.P.) - Guitar

Brutal Death Metal

Anti-Christianity, Satanism...

Brazil (Ijuí, RS), formed in 1990

Century Media


Alex Camargo - Bass, Vocals (live vocals for Angelcorpse)
Max Kolesne - Drums
Moyses Kolesne - Guitar

Maurício Nogueira - Guitar (Torture Squad, In Hell)
Altemir Souza (R.I.P. - 2002, killed in a motorbike accident) - Guitar


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