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Kult Ov Azazel/Krieg

Album: ''Kult Ov Azazel/Krieg'' (2001 Split)
1. Intro
2. In the Plagued Realm
3. Symbionic 666
4. Destruction to the Throne of God
5. Forever Heaven Gone
6. Knights of the Holocaust
7. Fallen Ones
8. Slit Their Throats to the Spine
9. Shadows of the Fallen Kingdom
10. Power of Darkness
11. Coldwindflame

Kill Yourself or Someone You Love

Album: ''Kill Yourself or Someone You Love'' (2002 EP)
1. Coldwind Flame
2. Blackash Snowfall
3. Great Black Death
4. Deviant
5. Destruction Ritual
6. End of Time
7. Satanic Blood (Von cover)

The Black House

Album: ''The Black House'' (2004)
1. Deconstructing the Eternal Tombs
2. Deviant
3. Nemesis
4. Fleshprison Monolith
5. Fallen Princes of Sightless Visions...
6. A Process of Dying
7. Sickening Voices without Speech
8. Ruin under a Burning Sky
9. ...without Light
10. Murder without the Burden of Conscience
11. Venus in Furs (The Velvet Underground cover)
12. Rooms
13. Coronation *

Flesh Descending/Satan Shitting on Cunt

Album: ''Flesh Descending/Satan Shitting on Cunt'' (2004 Split)
1. Leave the Church Behind
2. Titan
3. Flesh Descending

Krieg / Azaghal

Album: ''Krieg / Azaghal'' (2004 Split)
1. Every Wound Burned
2. ...and the Stars Fell On
3. Lähde (The Source)

Sono Lo Scherno

Album: ''Sono Lo Scherno'' (2005)
1. Seven Plagues, Seven Houses
2. Knights of the Holocaust
3. Fallen One
4. Slit Their Throats to the Spine
5. Hallucinations in the Withered Eden
6. Ruin under the Burning Skies
7. Maelstrom
8. Plague Waltz
9. Power of Darkness
10. Shadows of the Fallen Kingdom
11. Blackash Snowfall
12. Hypnotic Decay

Blue Miasma

Album: ''Blue Miasma'' (2006)
1. The Great Beast Trembled in Nightmare
2. Who Shall Stand Against Me?
3. The Blue Mist
4. Under an Uncaring Moon
5. The Sick Winds Stir the Cold Dawn
6. And Now the End
7. Lingering Doubt
8. Hallucinations in Deep Corruption
9. Every Wound Burned
10. An Empty Room, a Forgotten Funeral
11. The Master's Voice
12. Scars Brought into Question
13. The Forest beneath the Sea


Album: ''Bael/Krieg'' (2006 Split)
1. L'offrande
2. Raping the Gift from Heaven
3. Le Règne du Sang
4. Ma Destruction
5. The Purest Filth
6. Destruction Ritual
7. To Wander the Stars
8. The Ancients Dwell Beneath
9. As Graveyard Rites, as Darkness Fell
10. To Wander the Stars
11. Charioteer (Temple Song)



Krieg was a Black Metal project belonging to Lord Imperial which began in 1995 and ended in 2006. Lyrical themes revolve mostly around hatred, war, and destruction with the exception of "The Black House," a personal album of Lord Imperial with the intent to dispell and express Lord Imperial's haunting night-terrors, and illnesses. A total of five known full-length albums have been released, the most recent being "Blue Miasma."

In addition to playing bass for Nachtmystium in live settings, Lord Imperial is part of a doom metal band called March Into The Sea.

Black Metal

Hate, war, destruction

United States of America (Somers Point, New Jersey), formed in 1995

No Colours Records


Imperial - All (Bael (Fra), Demonic Christ, Devotee (US), Hidden (US), Imperial (US), Judas Iscariot, March into the Sea, Nachtmystium, Twilight (US), Weltmacht, N.I.L.)

Lord Soth - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (Devotee (US))
DoA/Phaedrus - Guitars, Bass
Malfeitor - Guitar (Godless North, Nyktalgia, Sterbend)
SM Daemon - Bass (Anael, Excoriate (Ger), Repent, Seeds of Hate, Toxic Holocaust)
Winterheart - Drums (Armagedda, Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Hunok, Total Hate (Ger), Tairach, Kataplex, Flagellator (US))

<u>Session members:</u>
Satanic Tyrant Werewolf - Guitar, Additional Vocals (Satanic Warmaster, Blasphemous Evil, Blutrache (Fin), Gestapo 666, Horna, Incriminated, Kyprian's Circle, Mental Terror, Pest (Fin), Shatargat, The True Werwolf, Vomitfago, Warloghe, Armour)
Azentrius - Guitar, Additional Vocals (Ezurate, Helms Deep, Nachtmystium, Twilight (US))
L'Hiver - Guitar, Additional Vocals (Winterblut, Seeds of Hate, Nargaroth)
Wrath - Guitars (Averse Sefira)
JVF - Guitars (Noctuary)
Marcus M. Kolar - Bass, Ebow, Additional Vocals (Forest of Impaled, Sarcophagus (US), Nachtmystium, Metallian)
SN - Bass (Noctuary, Winterthrall)
Asmodaios - Live bass (Sterbend, Nyktalgia)
Sebastian - Live drums (Excoriate (Ger), Total Hate (Ger))
Teloc Koraxo - Drums
Wargoat Obscurum - Drums (Alioth (US), Cult of Daath, Nachtmystium)
Butcher - Drums (Dark Storm, Maniac Butcher, Nargaroth)
RA - Drums (Evildead, Noctuary, Rise, Winterthrall)
M. K. - Drums (Deathcult (Ger), Azaxul, Apolokia (Ger), Desolation Hymn, Katharsis (Ger))
Cryptic Winter - Drums (Broken Hope, Divine Empire, Dying Fetus, Forest of Impaled, Judas Iscariot, Sarcophagus (US), Weltmacht, Anal Blast)


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