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Endless Pain

Album: ''Endless Pain'' (1985)
1. Endless Pain
2. Total Death
3. Storm of the Beast
4. Tormentor
5. Son of Evil
6. Flag of Hate
7. Cry War
8. Bone Breaker
9. Living in Fear
10. Dying Victims

Album: ''Rehearsal'' (1985 Demo)
1. Tormentor
2. Total Death
3. Storm of the Beast
4. Endless Pain

Pleasure to Kill

Album: ''Pleasure to Kill'' (1986)
1. Choir of the Damned
2. Ripping Corpse
3. Death Is Your Saviour
4. Pleasure to Kill
5. Riot of Violence
6. The Pestilence
7. Carrion
8. Command of the Blade
9. Under the Guillotine

Flag of Hate

Album: ''Flag of Hate'' (1986 EP)
1. Flag of Hate
2. Take Their Lives
3. Awakening of the Gods

Terrible Certainty

Album: ''Terrible Certainty'' (1987)
1. Blind Faith
2. Storming with Menace
3. Terrible Certainty
4. As the World Burns
5. Toxic Trace
6. No Escape
7. One of Us
8. Behind the Mirror

Behind The Mirror

Album: ''Behind The Mirror'' (1987 EP)
1. Behind the Mirror
2. Gangland (Tygers of Pan Tang cover)

Out of the Dark...into the Light

Album: ''Out of the Dark...into the Light'' (1988 EP)
1. Impossible to Cure
2. Lambs to the Slaughter (Raven cover)
3. Terrible Certainty (Live)
4. Riot of Violence (Live)
5. Awakening of the Gods (Live)

Extreme Aggression

Album: ''Extreme Aggression'' (1989)
1. Extreme Aggressions
2. No Reason to Exist
3. Love Us or Hate Us
4. Stream of Consciousness
5. Some Pain Will Last
6. Betrayer
7. Don't Trust
8. Bringer of Torture
9. Fatal Energy

Coma of Souls

Album: ''Coma of Souls'' (1990)
1. When the Sun Burns Red
2. Coma of Souls
3. People of the Lie
4. World Beyond
5. Terror Zone
6. Agents of Brutality
7. Material World Paranoia
8. Twisted Urges
9. Hidden Dictator
10. Mental Slavery

People of the Lie/When the Sun Burns Red

Album: ''People of the Lie/When the Sun Burns Red'' (1990 Single)
1. People of the Lie
2. When the Sun Burns Red

Doomsday News III - Thrashing East Live

Album: ''Doomsday News III - Thrashing East Live'' (1990 Split)
1. Flag of Hate
2. Riot of Violence
3. Love Us or Hate Us
4. Behind the Mirror
5. Alien
6. Chemical Invasion
7. Maniac Forces
8. Hosanna in Excelsis
9. I for an Eye
10. For Those Who Died
11. D.O.A.
12. Absorbed
13. Read My Scars

Live in East Berlin

Album: ''Live in East Berlin'' (1990 Video/VHS)
1. Some Pain Will Last
2. Extreme Aggression
3. Under The Guillotine
4. Toxic Trace
5. Bringer Of Torture
6. Pleasure To Kill
7. Flag Of Hate
8. Drum Solo
9. Terrible Certainty
10. Riot Of Violence
11. Love Us Or Hate Us
12. Behind The Mirror
13. Betrayer
14. Awakening Of The Gods
15. Tormentor


Album: ''Renewal'' (1992)
1. Winter Martyrium
2. Renewal
3. Reflection
4. Brainseed
5. Karmic Wheel
6. Realitätskontrolle
7. Zero to None
8. Europe After the Rain
9. Depression Unrest

Cause For Conflict

Album: ''Cause For Conflict'' (1995)
1. Prevail
2. Catholic Despot
3. Progressive Proletarians
4. Crisis of Disorder
5. Hate Inside Your Head
6. Bomb Threat
7. Men Without God
8. Lost
9. Dogmatic
10. Sculpture of Regret
11. Celestial Deliverance
12. Isolation


Album: ''Isolation'' (1995 Single)
1. Isolation (edit)
2. Men Without God


Album: ''Lost'' (1995 Single)
1. Lost
2. Hate Inside Your Head

Scenarios Of Violence

Album: ''Scenarios Of Violence'' (1996 Best of/Compilation)
1. Suicide In Swamps
2. Renewal
3. Extreme Aggressions
4. Brainseed
5. Terror Zone
6. Ripping Corpse (live)
7. Tormentor (live)
8. Some Pain Will Last
9. Toxic Trace
10. People Of The Lie
11. Depression Unrest
12. Coma Of Souls
13. Europe After The Rain
14. Limits Of Liberty
15. Terrible Certainty
16. Karmic Wheel


Album: ''Outcast'' (1997)
1. Leave This World Behind
2. Phobia
3. Forever
4. Black Sunrise
5. Nonconformist
6. Enemy Unseen
7. Outcast
8. Stronger Than Before
9. Ruin of Life
10. Whatever it May Take
11. Alive Again
12. Against the Rest
13. A Better Tomorrow

Leave This World Behind

Album: ''Leave This World Behind'' (1997 Single)
1. Leave This World Behind
2. Whatever It May Take
3. Forever
4. Phobia


Album: ''Endorama'' (1999)
1. Golden Age
2. Endorama
3. Shadowland
4. Chosen Few
5. Everlasting Flame
6. Passage to Babylon
7. Future Ring
8. Entry
9. Soul Eraser
10. Willing Spirit
11. Pandemonium
12. Tyranny

Voices Of Transgression - A 90

Album: ''Voices Of Transgression - A 90's Retrospective'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Lucretia (My Reflection) (The Sisters of Mercy cover)
2. Chosen Few
3. Isolation (edit)
4. Leave This World Behind
5. Golden Age
6. Bomb Threat
7. Phobia
8. Whatever It May Take
9. Renewal
10. Lost
11. Hate Inside Your Head
12. Inferno
13. Outcast
14. State Oppression
15. Endorama
16. Black Sunrise
17. As We Watch the West

1985-1992 Past Life Trauma

Album: ''1985-1992 Past Life Trauma'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Betrayer
2. Pleasure to Kill
3. When the Sun Burns Red
4. Endless Pain
5. Winter Martyrium (live) *
6. Flag of Hate
7. Extreme Aggressions
8. After the Attack *
9. Trauma (demo) *
10. People of the Lie
11. Renewal
12. Terrible Certainty
13. Love Us or Hate Us
14. Total Death
15. Europe After the Rain (live) *
16. Under the Guillotine
17. Terror Zone
18. Tormentor

Chosen Few

Album: ''Chosen Few'' (2000 Single)
1. Chosen Few
2. Endorama
3. Children of a Lesser God
4. Chosen Few (video)
5. Endorama (video)

Violent Revolution

Album: ''Violent Revolution'' (2001)
1. Reconquering the Throne
2. The Patriarch
3. Violent Revolution
4. All of the Same Blood (Unity)
5. Servant in Heaven - King in Hell
6. Second Awakening
7. Ghetto War
8. Replicas of Life
9. Slave Machinery
10. Bitter Sweet Revenge
11. Mind on Fire
12. System Decay

Live Kreation-Revisioned Glory

Album: ''Live Kreation-Revisioned Glory'' (2003 DVD)
1. The Patriarch
2. Violent Revolution
3. Reconquering the Throne
4. Extreme Aggressions
5. People of the Lie
6. All of the Same Blood
7. Phobia
8. Pleasure to Kill
9. Renewal
10. Servant in Heaven - King in Hell
11. Black Sunrise
12. Terrible Certainty
13. Riot of Violence
14. Terror Zone
15. Betrayer
16. Lost
17. Coma of Souls
18. Bonus Material

Live Kreation

Album: ''Live Kreation'' (2003 Live album)
1. The Patriarch
2. Violent Revolution
3. Reconquering The Throne
4. Extreme Aggressions
5. People Of The Lie
6. All Of The Same Blood
7. Phobia
8. Pleasure To Kill
9. Renewal
10. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
11. Black Sunrise
12. Terrible Certainty
13. Riot Of Violence

Enemy of God

Album: ''Enemy of God'' (2005)
1. Enemy of God
2. Impossible Brutality
3. Suicide Terrorist
4. World Anarchy
5. Dystopia
6. Voices of the Dead
7. Murder Fantasies
8. When Death Takes It's Dominion
9. One Evil Comes (A Million Follow)
10. Dying Race Apocalypse
11. Under a Total Blackened Sky
12. The Ancient Plague



Kreator (who early on went by the name of Tormentor) rose to prominence in the mid-eighties, joining Sodom and Destruction as the top-ranked German thrash bands of the decade. But the second half (at least until 2001) of Kreator's career has not been so successful. Founder Mille Petrozza's attempts to broaden the band's sound (most notably on albums such as the industrial-tinged Renewal) have met with some critical acclaim but not commercial success, as hardened fans seem to have become disillusioned with straying from the raw, frenetic thrash that made winners of albums such as Pleasure To Kill. The addition of guitarist Tommy Vetterli, late of Coroner, in 1998 sparked renewed interest in the band, but the resulting album, Endorama, was even more perplexing, further distancing itself from its predecessors, and arguably underutilizing the talents of Vetterli.

2001 was the comeback year for the band, with Mille and company (including new guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniƶ, replacing Vetterli) returning to the sound of old. The album of that year, Violent Revolution, retains the maturity of the recent output but the aggression of the early work -- easily one of the band's best albums in some time. Most recently is the band's followup, Enemy Of God.

Thrash Metal

Death, Religion, Politics, War, Terrorists

Germany (Essen), formed in 1984

SPV Records


Miland "Mille" Petrozza - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Voodoocult, Tormentor (Ger)) (1982-)
Sami Yli-Sirniö - Guitars (Waltari) (2001-)
Christian Giesler - Bass (1995-)
Jürgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums, Vocals (1982-1994, 96-) (Tormentor (Ger))

Michael Wulf (R.I.P.) (ex-ex-Sodom) (1986, one show only)
Jörg "Tritze" Trzebiatowski (1986-89)
Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik (Mystic (Bra), ex-Sodom, as guest in Black Messiah) (1989-1996)
Tommy Vetterli (ex-Coroner, Clockwork (Che)) (1996-2001)

Roberto "Rob" Fioretti (1982-1992) (Tormentor (Ger))
Andreas Herz (1992-95) (ex-Slasher, ex-Flaming Anger, In Rags)

Joe Cangelosi (Death Corps,ex-Whiplash (US), ex-Massacre, Cerebral Hemorrhage) (1994-96)
Markus Freiwald (ex-Voodoocult, Despair) (on Endorama Tour)

Bogusz Rutkiewicz (Gotham (Pol), Turbo (Pol)) (one gig in Budapest, 1988)


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