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Album: ''Kinghorse'' (1990)
1. Freeze
2. Caged
3. Lay Down and Die
4. Brother Doubt
5. Greatest Gift
6. Red
7. Descend
8. As I Stand
9. Razor
10. Too far Gone
11. Clayfist

Going Home / Lose It

Album: ''Going Home / Lose It'' (1992 Single)
1. Going Home
2. Lose It



One of Louisville, Ky's most savage exports, Kinghorse could have dominated the country, if not the world. That is, had they not driven everyone around them, including themselves completely insane.
Every band has a message and a purpose. For some it's revolution. For some it's copious amounts of girls. For Kinghorse however, it was "Fly your freak flag high". Playing their first show in the hardcore hayday of 1988, they were as disgusted with the Youth Of Today fans as they were the mowhawked punks. Their southend of town somewhat redneck roots mixed with their hardcore punk vibe and threatened everything that all the art rockers and straight edgers tried to rework the underground into being. Kinghorse said fuck that, fuck your cliques, fuck your fashion trends of the month, and FUCK YOU.
The band released 2 7" records to much local acclaim and ended up on New York's Caroline records for a s/t full length. Using this as a springboard, they launched their mind fucking holy war across the country, terrorizing most of the lame metalheads they came into contact with.
After breaking up for several years in the early 90s, the band returned with a new bass player partially in support of a CD released by Louisville's Slamdek Records. This CD was a small-pressing of unreleased and joke tracks. The band ended up recording a new albums worth of demos before disgusting each other and breaking up for good in 1996.

Thrash Metal

United States of America (Louisville, KY), formed in 1988

Caroline Records


Sean Garrison - Vocals
Mark Abrovomage - Guitar
Mike Bucayo - Bass
Kevin Brownstein - Drums


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