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Something Unknown

Album: ''Something Unknown'' (2001)
1. Children Of Technology
2. Envy And Die
3. The Black Tower
4. Can My Soul Fly Free
5. Falling World
6. Something Unknown
7. Kingcrow
8. All I Want
9. My War


Album: ''Insider'' (2003)
1. Friendship
2. The Project
3. Temptation
4. Never Say Die
5. Eyes Of A Betrayer
6. The Cell
7. Lies
8. The Killing Hand
9. Stardust
10. Save Me
11. Finale


Album: ''Matzmariels'' (2003 EP)
1. Father To Son
2. Lies
3. Echoes Of Hope



Kingcrow were born in 1996, thanks to Diego Cafolla (lead guitar) and his brother Thundra Cafolla (drums) under the name of Earth Shaker , with the purpose to play rock covers, such as Guns'n Roses, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc. They began to look for musicians suitable for playing this kind of music: Claudio Polito (bass-player) was the first to join the newly born band. The trio then switched preferences to classic heavy metal music under the influence of Iron Maiden first decade and then they began to wrote own partitions however still oriented to this kind of music. In 1997 the team was joined by Massimiliano Fabrizi (2nd guitar) and Sergio Casadei (vocals) and recorded their first non commercial cd. A few month later Sergio Casadei left the band. The band underwent an artistical and technical evolution leading to the separation from Massimiliano Fabrizi (he was substituted for a short period by Emanuele Marchione). In this period the band recorded its first demo cd "Eyes of memories" with the 'Winter day' song. Shortly after the band was named "Kingcrow" in substitution of the Earth Shaker old name but the metamorphosis was not limited to the name. Emanuele Marchione resigned and two new artists joined in: they were Marco Piscitelli (guitar) and Stefano "Thunder" Tissi (vocals). With this new set-up the band published and commercialized their first demo "Eyes of Memories" which received a good success of critics and publics leading to a sale of over 700 records without the help of a distribution network. In 1999, Kingcrow modified its style towards "progressive" sounds and got ready to print "Eyes of Memories" successor. Invited, they attended the second edition of the "prog-metal festival" where 'Skylark' and 'IV Luna' were also present, obtaining a grate success. Later, Marco Piscitelli leaved the band which continued on a four members set-up. In summer 2000 the band recorded and printed its new demo cd "Hurricane's eye" ,which received the favour of critics, especially in relation to the great an epic suite 'My war', a perfect compound of power and melody, leading to the temporary apex of Kingcrow's creativity: this record shows that the band reached maturity under all view points. In the beginning of 2001 Claudio Polito (bass-player), due to personal reasons, resigned and was substituted by Matteo Trinei, a good interpreter of classic-progressive metal music, presently proposed by the band. In the mean time new partitions were written and on Sept. 17, 2001 the Kingcrow band records in "B3 studios" of Milan (Italy) their debut album "Something Unknown". On October 25, 2001, Ivan Nastasi (ex "Sanitarium") well known guitar player joined the band. On June 2002 collaboration with singer Stefano Tissi ended by common agreement. He was substituted with windseeker's vocalist Mauro Gelsomini. Mauro has been confirmed as new Kingcrow singer on Nov. 17, 2002.
After hard work, on June 2003 Kingcrow registered "Matzmariels", a 3 tracks promo CD that means what band experiments gave birth during this time. Ready for the final step, in an alchoolic night Mauro and Diego decided that the new album should have been a concept one. They started to write down some lyrics and a story, and the project "Insider" became reality. With more than six months' job, thirty people involved in spoken dialogues, registering process, graphic artwork and texts writing/translation, "Insider" is the result of an extraordinary effort to reach the idea of what Kingcrow think progressive metal is: a continue flow of emotions narrated by music.
On August 2004 Kingcrow parted their ways with Matteo Trinei and announced the new bass player, Giulio Caputi.

Classic Prog Metal

Italy (Roma), formed in 1996

Lucretia Records


Mauro Gelsomini - Vocals (Windseeker, ex-I Suffer Inc.)
Diego Cafolla - Guitar / Keyboards
Ivan Nastasi - Guitar
Angelo Orlando - Bass
Thundra Caffola - Drums

Matteo Trinei - Bass / Keyboards
Stefano Tissi - vocals
Claudio Polito - bass
Massimiliano Fabrizi - guitar (Etherea)
Sergio Casadei - vocals
Emanuele Marchione - guitar
Giulio Caputi - Bass
Marco Piscitelli - guitar


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