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Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet

Album: ''Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet'' (2002)
1. If It Ain't Johnny Cash, It Ain't Country
2. I Already Have Enough Friends
3. Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
4. Another Tragic Case of the Rock Star Syndrome
5. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as "The Addict"
6. It's Like Eating a Little Piece of Jesus (A Murderer's Communion)
7. Is That My Blood or Hers?
8. Why Smile When I Am Carrying This Gun?
9. Mikey & the Apartment of Misfit Porn
10. Killwhitneydead vs. The River Bottom Nightmare Band
11. My Favorite Two Shades On You Are Black and Blue

Never Good Enough For You

Album: ''Never Good Enough For You'' (2004)
1. Where There's Smoke
2. I Didn't Know "I Love You" Came With A Knife In the Back
3. Duct Tape and Death Threats
4. The Fine and Subtle Art of Deception
5. I Already Have Enough Friends (Take Two)
6. Like You Didn't Hear Me the First Time I Told You to "Fuck Off"
7. Love Is like A Mouth Full of Broken Glass
8. You Like Knife Play? I Love Knife Play (Want to Fuck?)
9. You'll Get Exactly What You Deserve (And Not One Bullet Less)
10. Forgiveness Isn't As Much Fun As Holding A Grudge
11. Broken Hearts Don't Hurt As Much As Broken Bones
12. Bitterness Is A Beautiful Thing
13. She Didn't Look Like She Had A Disease
14. Who Said Alcohol and Handguns Didn't Go Great Together?
15. It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself
16. Revenge (My Part Time Lover)
17. Nothing Says "Party" Like Her Head On A Stick

So Pretty So Plastic

Album: ''So Pretty So Plastic'' (2005)
1. The Age Old Dilema of Romance Vs. Retribution
2. Save Your Sermons for Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off
3. If I Told You That I Loved You Would I Get It Any Faster?
4. Murder Nouveau (It's All the Rage)
5. I'm Heavy Metal, but I Get the Blues Just Like Everyone Else
6. You Smell Excited
7. Pretty with the Lights Off
8. One Match & a Gallon of Gasoline
9. I Wouldn't Kick Her Out of Bed for Eating Crackers
10. Liars Like You Live the Shortest Lives (An Open Letter to Imposters)
11. Put Your Mouth Where the Money Is
12. 33 Seconds of Sanity



Greensboro, North Carolina Metal/Hardcore/Death Metal influenced band KILLWHITNEYDEAD debuted with an eleven track, sixteen minute EP 'Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet' in August 2002 through Tribunal Records. At this juncture the band comprised vocalist M, guitarist / bassist Tommy with Jeremy on drums. The album 'Never Good Enough For You' followed in May 2004, M now being joined by guitarists BJ Stevens and Travis Cook, bassist Ryan McInturff and drummer Justin Collins. 'So Pretty So Plastic' arrived in March 2005 with an expanded edition in new artwork, hosting an entire KWDMF remix of the entire album, dubbed 'So Pretty So Plastic: Chopped & Screwed' delivered in April 2006.

KILLWHITNEYDEAD undertook a mammoth US tour throughout the summer of 2006 partnered with THE DEMONSTRATION. Support along the way came courteousy of ELYSIA and DEAD MAN IN RENO.

Both "Nothing Less Nothing More" & "Hell To Pay" are scheduled to be released via Tribunal Records on June 5th, 2007. More details at

Death / Grind / Hardcore

Violence, Misogyny, Misanthropy

United States of America (Greensboro, North Carolina), formed in 2001

Tribunal Records


Matt - Vocals
Rob - Guitar
David Schoaf - Guitar (The Demonstration)
Josh Coe - Bass (The Demonstration)
Peter Jackson - Drums (The Demonstration)

BJ Stevens - Guitar (Bloodjinn)
Justin Collins - Drums (Bloodjinn)
Ryan Mcinturff - Bass
Travis Cook - Guitar (Human Excoriation, ex-Darkness Remains, False Hope)
Tommy - Guitar, Bass
Trevor Underwood - Vocals, Live Samples (The Demonstration)
Jeremy - Drums
Charles Matheny - Guitar (The Demonstration)


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