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Album: ''Résistances'' (1989)
1. Vengeance
2. Prisonnier
3. Rêves Secrets
4. Résistances
5. Métamorphose
6. Soleil Noir
7. Clandestinité
8. Roi du Speed
9. Longue Vie au Metal

Mauvaises Graines

Album: ''Mauvaises Graines'' (2000)
1. Attaque
2. Le Secret des Dieux
3. Le Loup
4. Mauvaise Graine
5. Le Meilleur des Mondes
6. Azken Agurraren Negarra
7. Sous France
8. 1984
9. L'hiver
10. Avenir Passé
11. La Reine des Nuisibles

Killing Games

Album: ''Killing Games'' (2001)
1. Beware
2. Dance Yourself to Death
3. Disturbing Times
4. Bad Bad Brain
5. Spit for Your Life
6. Azken Agurraren Negarra
7. White Hoods
8. Swallow My Pride
9. My Baby's Cracked (She's Got a Gun)
10. Heavy Metal Lies
11. L.A.M.F.


There is more than one band named Killers. (This is not "The Killers")

1.Killers is a Heavy metal band founded in 1992 by famous vocalist Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden, Battlezone).Cliff Evans was living in New York with the manager of Fastway. Steve Hopgood, who played in Battlezone with Paul called him and said “Let’s get something together”. Paul was contacted and he flew over to New York where they formed a band.

Within a few days they had hired John Gallagher (from Raven) to play bass on a short-term basis and an American, Ray De Tone, on second guitar. Within a few days, a live album called "South American Assault Live" was recorded, featuring a number of Iron Maiden and Battlezone tracks and covers of "We Will Rock You" and "Smoke on the Water". This was recorded primarily for the South American market, as a South American "money guy" was involved who was interested in backing a tour in the region[3]. "Recorded in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela in Summer of 1993" is splashed on the back cover. However, according to John Gallagher, the entire album was played in a New York rehearsal hall and taped on a mobile recording truck [4]. Later, a Canada-based record company called Magnetic Air Productions was to issue a pirate release worldwide, under a different cover, with no royalties being paid to the band.

Killers then played a showcase for several major record companies including Virgin, EMI, Sony and BMG. Representatives flew into New York from all over the world to see Killers play. They played only Iron Maiden songs because the band hadn't written any material. Maiden songs played included “Phantom Of The Opera” and ”Wratchild” which evidently impressed a BMG representative enough to give the band a $250,000 contract. BMG were unaware that these songs had been recorded previously.

Once Killers had the record deal they started to write the first album entitled "Murder One". The band moved to a studio up-state of New York "in the middle of nowhere". They stayed in a motel in which the owner had a set up rehearsal studio. The album was written in about in two weeks. It took only a further month to get it recorded.

After a spell in Jail, Paul Di'Anno returned to the UK after being deported. It was here that he signed the band to Bleeding Hearts records located in Newcastle. Here the band were to record their second studio album entitled "Menace To Society". With a forced Pantera-like style it was poorly recieved by the critics with the exception of Metal Hammer magazine in Germany who voted it as the "Best New Album" for that year.

Later, Paul and Cliff were to tour as the only original members of Killers left. Steve had to retire as he developed tinnitus in his ears. The guitarist Graham Bath damaged his hands from playing so much over the years and developed arthritis. Paul then hired new musicians who he remembered from touring in German and Austria. According to Di'Anno he had wanted Clive Burr (ex-Iron Maiden) to drum but he couldn't get to rehearsals in time. However, later on Clive was to become severely ill from Multiple Sclerosis.

Last known line-up Paul Di'Anno - Vocals (Di'Anno, ex-Battlezone, ex-Gogmagog (UK), ex-Iron Maiden) Cliff Evans - Guitars (Chicken Shack, Headfirst, Tank) Graham Bath - Guitars (Persian Risk, Sphinx) Brad Weiseman - Bass Steve Hopgood - Drums (ex-Battlezone, ex-Chinatown, ex-Jagged Edge, Persian Risk, Shy, Tank, Wild)

Former/past member(s) John Gallagher - Bass (1991-92) (Raven (UK) Ray Ditone - Guitars (1991-92) Nick Burr - Guitars (1992) (ex-Battlezone) Gavin Cooper - Bass (1992-94) (ex-Battlezone)

Discography Children Of The Revolution, EP, 1992 Murder One, Full-length, 1992 South American Assault Live "Live" album, 1994 Menace To Society Full-length, 1994 Live Live album, 1997 New Live & Rare Best of/Compilation, 1998 Killers Live at The Whiskey Live album, 2001 Screaming Blue Murder - The Very Best of Paul Di'Anno's Killers Best of/Compilation, 2002

Current lineup:
Paul Di'Anno (vocal)
Steve Hopgood (drums)
Graham Bath (guitar)
Cliff Evans (guitar)
Gavin Cooper (bass)
Former members: John Gallagher (bass, now Raven), Ray Ditone (guitar).

2.Killers is a French Heavy Speed metal band from , founded in 1984 by rythm guitarist Bruno Dolheguy (he's also singer since 1989). Killers are one of the only eitghties french band wich still active.

The actual line-up :
Bruno Dolheguy: Vocals / Guitars
Thierry Andrieu: Guitars / Back Vocals
Patrick Oliver: Bass
Florent Pouey: Drums

Former members :
Patrice LeCalvez(Vocals), Didier Deboffe (Guitars), Pierre Paul (Bass), Michel Camiade (Drums), Serge Pujos (Vocals), François Merle (Guitars), Miguel Caron (Bass), Philippe Borda (Drums), René Chavin (Bass), David Pepiot (Bass), Patrick Soria (Drums), Fabrice Arnouts (Guitars), Alain Garcès (Bass), Ronan Jacques (Guitars), Nicko Andrieu (Drums) (1973 - 16/06/2001).


3.Killers is an incorrect tag for American indie rock band The Killers.


4.KILLERS is an Japanese rock band signed to Defstar Records (Sony Music Japan).

Speed Metal/Heavy Metal

Social issues, Relationships/behaviors, History

France (Bardos, near Bayonne), formed in 1984



Bruno Dolheguy - Vocals / Guitars
Thierry Andrieu - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Patrick Oliver - Bass
Florent Pouey - Drums

Patrice Le Calvez (Titan (Fra)) (1984-1987)
Serge Pujos - Vocals (1987-1989)

Michel Camiade (Titan (Fra)) (1984-1987)
Philippe Borda (1987-1990)
Patrick Soria (1990-1998)
David Lacaze (1998-1999)
Nicko Andrieu (1999-2001) (R.I.P.)

Dider Deboffe (Titan (Fra)) (1984-1987)
François Merle (Manigance) (1987-1994)
Pascal Soria (1990-1994)
Fabrice Arnouts (1994-1996)
Ronan Jacques (1996-1998) (Moonstone)
Frederic Cazaux (1998-1999)

Pierre Paul (Titan (Fra)) (1984-1987)
Miguel Caron (1987-1988)
René Chavin (1988-1990)
David Pepiot (1990-1994)
Alain Garces - Bass(Alcyon)


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