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Demo 2003

Album: ''Demo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. Art of Decay
2. Sociological Dismemberment

Album: ''Promo 2004'' (2004 Demo)
1. Diencephalic
2. Be Thy Vengeance
3. Art of Decay



Kenshiro is deep, afloat and catchy. Kenshiro is a purely sudorific party. Kenshiro is sushi for the ears.
This Drum’n'Bass formation from Aachen offers a repertoire rich in variation that exhausts the whole range of the breakbeat universe:
Dark,vigorous Drum’n'Bass - patterns, shimmering sound particles, that can also float in more ambient fields, labyrinthic rhythm lines, but also very straight stressed tuneful sections with an auditory-current pinch of pop appeal - the Kenshiro sound spectrum has no fear of contact, rather more facets.

Especially on stage: Powerful, well fed basses which allow higher hit for the heart and the controller of each amplifier. Polished, funky arrangements with a lot of drive and the certain kick. And the ingenious vocal-dual of Burak Selz and Giulio Castegini and their thrilling dialog of Singin’n'Freestylin’, that functions like a clip and breathes an extra dose of life into the tracks.
Within a very short time the Turkish, Italian and German project with Japanese name gained an excellent reputation as a Live Act.

Also being able to perform a thrilling Drum’n'Bass sound on stage with a rather classical Line-Up, something that is rarely to be found in the meanwhile ten-years Drum and Bass history.
Support-Gigs - for example, for the British Hospital Flagship LONDON ELEKTRICITY, various OpenAir appearances or the regularly ‘wet-danced’ party-audience after the concert speak a clear language.

Watch and listen to it!

Melodic Death Metal

United States of America (Detroit, Michigan), formed in 2001



Brian Ebert - vocals / bass (ex The Black Dahlia Murder)
Greg Graham - guitar
Tony Gennette - guitar
Toby Dennis - drums


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