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Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae

Album: ''Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae'' (1996 Demo)
1. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act I
2. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act II
3. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act III
4. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act IV
5. Spirits of the Unblack
6. No Master
7. Kebangkitan Orang Mati
8. Introduce me to Immortality

Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams

Album: ''Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams'' (1998)
1. Rotting Youth
2. Armageddon
3. Spirits
4. Decieved Minds
5. The Conversion
6. Behind Those Images
7. Reality
8. Escaping Eternal Suffering
9. A Day The Hatred Dies
10. My Eternal Lover

Embrace The Dead

Album: ''Embrace The Dead'' (1999)
1. Longing For Truth
2. Embrace The Dead
3. The Fearless And The Dedicated
4. Source Of Existence
5. Healing
6. The Final Call
7. From Within
8. Scripture Before Struggle
9. Millennium
10. Given Words

1000 Thoughts Of Violence

Album: ''1000 Thoughts Of Violence'' (2003)
1. Subsession / Once Again It Failed
2. Vox Diaboli
3. In Continuum
4. Paradigma Baru
5. Artifacts Of Modern Insanity
6. Violenst Society
7. Subsession II
8. Default
9. Beyond Numerical Reasons I: 404
10. Beyond Numerical Reasons II: 911
11. Beyond Numerical Reasons III: 70x7

Spirits from the Ancient Days

Album: ''Spirits from the Ancient Days'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act II (2004 version)
2. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act III (2004 version)
3. Kebangkitan Orang Mati
4. No Master
5. Introduce me to Immortality
6. Spirits of the Unblack
7. Rotting Youth
8. Reborn in the Light Part.2
9. Escaping eternal Suffering
10. My eternal Lover
11. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act I
12. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act II
13. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act III
14. Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae Act IV
15. Obliteration demo track 1
16. Obliteration demo track 2
17. Obliteration demo track 3
18. Obliteration demo track 4


Album: ''Acidity'' (2005)
1. Characteristicon
2. Strength in My Weakness
3. Thy Neighbor's Morality
4. A Dream for A Moment
5. Broken
6. Envy and Its Manifesto
7. The Way of Thinking Beyond Comprehe
8. Romanitika Destruksi
9. Blessing in Disguise
10. Empty Space

The Habit of Fire

Album: ''The Habit of Fire'' (2007)
1. Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle
2. The Gathering of Ants
3. Isolated I
4. Manipulator Generals (Part I of Dictatorship)
5. Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously
6. To Whom It May Concern
7. Free Association
8. Historicity and State of Mind (Part II of Dictatorship)
9. Postlude: Saat Kemarau
10. A Real Life to Fear About
11. Escapism



Kekal is a post-metal / avant-garde metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia, and is currently based in Canada. They started in 1995 as a more straightforward extreme metal band. Throughout the first 5 years, they developed their own style by incorporating many diverse elements from outside metal. This distinct style become most prominent in the third album The Painful Experience, which marked as a starting point for the band to step more and more into the progressive metal and avant-garde metal and made further experiments with their music.

In 2003, they released "1000 Thoughts of Violence" and received positive media reviews. This led to their first European mini-tour in 2004. After that tour, they released their 5th album, "Acidity", in 2005. A year later, they made even further experiments on their recent 2007 album, "The Habit of Fire", which found the band stepping out of the metal territory, hence the term 'post-metal' is brought to describe the music.

Current members
* Jeff Arwadi - guitar, vocals, programming, drums
* Azhar Levi Sianturi - bass, vocals
* Leo Setiawan - guitar

* Beyond The Glimpse of Dreams - 1998
* Embrace The Dead - 1999
* The Painful Experience - 2001
* 1000 Thoughts of Violence - 2003
* Acidity - 2005
* The Habit of Fire - 2007

Avantgarde/Experimental Metal

Christianity (1stCd)/Existential Philosophy(After)

Indonesia (Jakarta), formed in 1995

Open Grave Records & Whirlwind Recs


Azhar: Bass/Vocals
Jeffray Arwadi - Guitars/Vocals (Doctor D, Armageddon Holocaust, Excision (Idn), Altera Enigma)
Leo: Guitars (1996 - 2001/ 2005-)

Harry: Vocals (1995 - 1998)
Newbabe: Bass/Vocals (1995 -1996)
Yeris: Guitars/Vocals (1995 - 1996)
Didi Priyadi: Live guitars


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