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The Red Eye of Wrath

Album: ''The Red Eye of Wrath'' (1998 Demo)
1. Evil Seed Call
2. The Master and Dormant Lord
3. Mord & Totschlag
4. Abhorence Till Extinction
5. Like Hail
6. Watchtowers of Darkness
7. Satan's Curse (Possessed cover)

Album: ''Rehearsal 99'' (1999 Demo)
1. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)
2. Horus Aggressor (Hellhammer Cover)
3. Murder In The Halls Of Heaven
4. Nazarene Into The Flame


Album: ''666'' (2000)
1. 666 (Hohelied Der Wiedererweckung)
2. Thy Horror
3. Raped By Demons / Massacrament
4. The Black Grail
5. Lunar Castles (Harvest)
6. Nazarene (Into The Flame)

Moonblood / Katharsis

Album: ''Moonblood / Katharsis'' (2001 Split)
1. Supreme Black Forces of Steel
2. Watchtowers of Darkness, Part 2


Album: ''Kruzifixxion'' (2003)
1. The Last Wound
2. Painlike Paradise
3. The Chosen One
4. Blood Stainth The Temple Stones
5. Luziferion
6. Infernal Solar Vortexx (A Vision In Three Parts)



The most well-known Katharsis is a German raw / orthodox black metal band in the vein of Darkthrone, but with added layers of complexity and strangeness. The members are M.K. on "styx" (drums), Scorn on "scythe" (guitar), and Drakh doing "sting" (vocals).

The group does not play live shows / tour. Some of their recent t-shirts were released by NED (

Katharsis has released three full-lengths to date: one via Sombre (2000's "666" LP only, later re-released by NOEVDIA on CD), two via Norma Evangelium Diaboli aka NED aka NOEVDIA (2003's "Kruzifixxion" and 2006's "VVorldVVithoutEnd").

They were supposed to release a split with Antaeus in 2007, but it was unfortunately cancelled due to Antaeus' line-up problems.

Katharsis has also participated in split releases with Moonblood, Deathcult (GER), Nhaavah and Black Witchery. Compilations they appear on include: Black Metal Endsieg I (2001), Black Metal Blitzkrieg (2001), Tormenting Legends II (2006).

There also exists a bootleg titled "Kommando Metal", which contains the following demos:

Into Endless Chaos Demo, 1997
The Red Eye of Wrath Demo, 1998
Trident Trinity Split, 1999

Full Discography to date:
Terror, Storm and Darkest Arts Demo, 1996
Into Endless Chaos Demo, 1997
The Red Eye of Wrath Demo, 1998
Dawn of a New Order Split, 1999
Trident Trinity Split, 1999
Rehearsal 99 Demo, 1999
666 Full-length, 2000
Black Metal Endsieg I Split, 2001
Moonblood / Katharsis Split, 2001
Rehearsal 2001 Demo, 2001
Katharsis/Black Witchery Split, 2002
Kruzifixxion Full-length, 2003
VVorldVVithoutEnd Full-length, 2006

Various other similarly named bands do exist.

Black Metal


Germany (Zwickau), formed in 1994

Norma Evangelium Diaboli


Drakh: vocals (Nebelborn)
Scorn: guitars (Deathcult (Ger))
M.K.: drums (Deathcult (Ger), session for Azaxul, ex-Krieg, Apolokia (Ger), ex-Desolation Hymn)


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