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Eternal Black Reflections

Album: ''Eternal Black Reflections'' (1999)
1. Eternal Black Reflections
2. Niederkniender Todeskampf
3. Sleep Walker
4. Requiem Of Yearning
5. The Calling
6. Never Ending Love
7. My Ablaze

The Lost secrets 10

Album: ''The Lost secrets 10'' (2002 EP)
1. The Journey
2. Metal Forces
3. Ancient Times

Utmost Schizophrenia

Album: ''Utmost Schizophrenia'' (2004)
1. Passing Away
2. On Your Knees
3. The Angel's Death
4. Faint
5. Frenetic Visions
6. The Journey
7. Sea Of Bitterness



The band KARKADAN was founded in 1997, inspired by the upcoming extreme metal acts of this time. Already at the beginning the band tries to create its own style in the field of extreme Metal. The line up at this time constists of Robby Beyer (Vocals), Thomas Reeß (Drums), Felix Moosmann (Bass), Florian Spannagel and Daniel Pütz (Guitars).

Only 3 months after its foundation the band plays live for the first time and receives enthusiastic responses from the audience.

Still working on the perfect mixture of heavy metal and extreme black / death metal vocals, the band enters the studio for the first time. The Maranis Studios (Sanvoisen, Sadian, Nocte Obducta, Fallen Yggdrasil etc.) were chose to record the debut album "Eternal Black Reflections" in December 1999.

After the recordings for the first album, Florian Spannagel and Felix Moosmann leave the band for musical reasons, Thomas Reeß for health reasons. The line up is now completed by Marcel Frano on drums, Christian Grunenberg on Bass and Philip Oefner on Guitars. Meanwhile the first album received great reviews from the international music press and the band gains more and more attention.

In 2001 KARKADAN try to be very active and to play on as many stages as possible. So the band joined Belphegor, Eisregen, Mystic Circle, Agathodaimon and Lord Belial as support and was booked for the Summer Breeze Open Air 2001 along with bands like Rage, Immortal, Kreator, Tankard etc. Martin Daniel joins the band as permanent drummer.

During the songwriting process for the next album, KARKADAN continues to play live and win more and more fans.

The second album "Utmost Schizophrenia" is recorded. After the recordings Daniel Pütz leaves the band and is replaced by Johannes Kirchherr. The band concentrates on the release of the new album in May 2004.

"Utmost Schizophrenia" is released by Supreme Chaos Records. The press entitles the album as "one of the most innovative and sophisticated albums". The album receives amazing positive reactions from the world wide music press and is voted on place 11 (out of 70) in the soundcheck of the German Legacy Magazine and is awarded as album of the month by Morbid Sounds and Bloodchamber.

Because of lack of motivation the band decides to dismiss drummer Martin Daniel and starts working on the third album. In June Johannes Gronover shows interest for the open drummer position. The band gets back onto the stage as support for Suidakra, on the Zabbaduschder Open Air and the Metallic Noise Festival. There, despite of the member changes, the band proves to be grown musically.

Besides several live appearances the band starts to write the first songs for recordings planned for 2007. "Racing the clock" was exclusively written for a compilation with the thought to shoot a video for this track.

The band will play live dates with bands like Rage, Legion of the Damned and Communic and also several festivals like the Inferno Festival in Norway and the Summer Breeze Open Air. A video will be filmed before summer along with the recordings for the album "Against time". A concept album will be recorded later that year.

Black Metal

Germany (Stuttgart), formed in 1997

Supreme Chaos Records


Robby Beyer - Vocals
Daniel Pütz - Guitar
P.C. - Guitar
C.G - Bass
M.D. - Drums

Dennis Klink - Keyboards
Thomas Reess - Drums
Florian Spannagel - Guitars
Michael Zieschang - Guitars


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