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Skin The Living

Album: ''Skin The Living'' (1996)
1. Demon Souls
2. Destruction and Misery
3. Eternal Agony
4. Killing Spree
5. Rotten Bodies
6. Black Candle Mass
7. Awaiting the End
8. Tomb of Armenus
9. Decapitated
10. Screaming for Life

Slaughter The Weak

Album: ''Slaughter The Weak'' (1997)
1. Left for Dead
2. Gore Bag
3. Infectious
4. Demigorgon
5. Consumed in Darkness
6. Murder One
7. Butchering Death
8. World of Hate
9. Deadly Force
10. Darkness Foretold (bonus track)

Darkness Foretold

Album: ''Darkness Foretold'' (1998 EP)
1. Agent Orange (Sodom cover)
2. Fight 'til Death (Slayer cover)
3. Jesus Hitler (Carnivore cover)
4. Darkness Foretold
5. Tomb of Armenous (live)
6. Eternal Agony (live)
7. Consumed in Darkness (live)

Dead and Buried

Album: ''Dead and Buried'' (2001)
1. Intro
2. Immersed in Pain
3. Virus
4. Misplaced Anger
5. Humans Shall Pay
6. Strangulation Mutilation
7. Red Skies
8. The Killing Machine
9. Dead and Buried
10. Psychotic Cremation
11. Afterlife
12. Circle of Death / Jungle Rot
13. Another Fix

Fueled By Hate

Album: ''Fueled By Hate'' (2004)
1. Intro
2. Face Down
3. Let Them Die
4. Fractured
5. Gain Control
6. Gasping for Air
7. Low Life
8. Scars of the Suffering
9. Symbols of Hate
10. No Surrender
11. Habit Fulfilled
12. More Demon Souls

jungle rot


Jungle Rot Bio

Band Members

Dave Matrise - Vocals & Guitar
Geoff Bub - Guitar
James Genenz - Bass
Neil Zacharek - Drums

Death metal

The Midwest-based quartet Jungle Rot has garnered a large and loyal following within the last 10 years due to having a style more similar to acts such as Slayer and Sodom, rather than the typical Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation rip-offs that the underground extreme music scene is so oversaturated with. The sound and attitude that Jungle Rot has exposed the public to is one of efficiency and execution. Jungle Rot has never tried to be the goriest or most technical band in the extreme underground, but instead have focused on flowing grooves and infectious, catchy songwriting.

In 1995, Jungle Rot released their first full-length demo/album, "Skin The Living". This, coupled with the bands explosive live performances, led to a recording deal in 1998 with Pulverizer Records. They immediately released their second full-length album, "Slaughter The Weak", which helped them garner a rabid underground following. After enjoying promising and successful sales from the record, Jungle Rot was let down when Pulverizer Records closed its doors. At this time, independent label Pavement Records stepped up and re-released "Slaughter The Weak" for the band.

Proving that they were one of the hardest working bands in the underground scene, Jungle Rot survived numerous lineup changes, kept playing shows, and wrote new material. Some of this material, along with some classic choice cover songs, was recorded for the EP entitled "Darkness Foretold", released by cult magazine/label SOD. Jungle Rot's relentless touring and aggressive self-promotion caught the attention of Olympic Recordings, who quickly offered them a deal. Their third album, "Dead And Buried", further showed what this dynamic unit had to offer and exposed them to a larger, broader audience.

In 2004 came the release of Jungle Rot's 4th album, "Fueled by Hate", on Century Media/Olympic Recordings. The year 2005 sees the band celebrating their 10 year anniversary with even more member changes and consistent touring - including their first trek overseas to slaughter European audiences.

Staying with the formula of memorable songs and catchy grooves, while still having the heaviness to live up to and exceed the current requirements for extreme music, Jungle Rot will continue its legacy of uncompromising straightforward aggression for years to come.

Death Metal

War, Torture, Death...

United States of America (Kenosha, WI), formed in 1994



Dave Matrise - Vocals, Guitar
Neil Zacharek - Drums
Jerry Sturino - Bass
Geoff Bub - Guitar
James Genenz - guitar & live bass (ex-Avernus, Dead of Winter (US), Fleshgrind, Dysphoria (US))

Guitar :
-Jim Bell (Thunderhead, Wayne, ex-Obsession (US), MVP, BlackPaul)
-Kevin Forsythe
-Doug Shane
-Joey Lohr

Bass :
-Joe Carlino (R.I.P.)
-Chris Djuricic
-Brian Kuhn
-Mike Legros (Disinter (US), Novembers Doom, Nachtmystium , Hells Corpse , The Narthex , Earthen, Metallian, Eyegouger)
-Paul Thuriot

Drums :
-Jim Garcia
-Jim Harte
-Rob Pandola (Mortdant)
-Eric House


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