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Sudamerican Porno

Album: ''Sudamerican Porno'' (1998)
1. Next Biologycal Crisis
2. Ethereal New Era
3. 100% Organic XXX-tasy
4. Carnivore
5. G.O.D. (Glamour Of Divinities)
6. Your Inner Lachrymose
7. Back To Basics
8. Low Resolution Lifelines
9. Beyond Primitive Utopias
10. Impersonal World Order
11. Sudamerican Porno
12. Nailed
13. Nutritive Soul

The JesusMartyr

Album: ''The JesusMartyr'' (2005)
1. African Tour
2. Fire To Burn
3. Domino Fall
4. Manhunt
5. 6 Fingers
6. Taste Of The Prey
7. In Blood We Trust
8. Mercenario
9. Rebelion Inca
10. Absolute
11. Tomorrow
12. Zonda

jesus martyr


*** Jesusmartyr starts as a band on 1994 under the name of MARTYR, records its first demo tape "Fear to be born", recorded on a four tracks portastudio, which was a relative succes at the moment selling more than 300 copies. Immediately the band gets reviewed not only in Argentina but in zine allover the world

*** One year later, the second recording of the band is out there, "Humanize" means an overall improvement for the band, recorded in a professional studio with the production of Gabriel Ruiz Diaz (Catupecu Machu). This demo showed a big difference and is very positively reviewed in more than a hundred zines all over the world, was broadcasted everywhere and meant the first step for worldwide recognition.
*** Beginning 1997, MARTYR was ready to record their first album, but decide to change their name to Jesusmartyr. Then they enter "El Hipopotamo Studios" to register their first full lenght "Sudamerican Porno" under the production of Matias Kritz, well known in the industrial scene.

*** In 1998 Repulse Records (Spain) offers a contract to the band which is accepted and "Sudamerican Porno"is released all over the world.

*** February 1999 Jesusmartyr goes first time to Europe a 12 gig tour with Hawaiian band Crucible as support, the band plays in the following countries Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, The Netherlands y Luxembourg, with great succes.

*** Back in Argentina de band is invited for a mini tour in Brazil. Three gigs in Sao Paulo State, same succes as in Europe, the band grows bigger.

*** Jesusmartyr at this moment is one of the most influent bands in argentina and reference of the Argentine metal to the world.

*** Jesusmartyr appears in compilations all over the world (USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Lithuania y Russia).

On December 1999 Jesusmartyr is no longer with Repulse and organizes their second european tour independantly. There, 35 gigs were played from April to July playing in more countries like Denmark and playing with very renamed bands such as Soziedad Alcoholica, Cannibal Corpse, Kill II this, Earthtone 9, Misery Loves Co., Orphanage, etc. Jesusmartyr is positioned in the world scene at this moment and offers to release a second album appear.

*** After the tour two members are kicked out, after 2 years of silence and constant work within the band to keep it as a unity jesusmartyr comes back to stage and records the follower of Sudamerican Porno, "Pampa Awaken". Recorded on the best studios and with the best enginners "Pampa Awaken" doesn´t fully satisfie the band and the record remains unreleased,
eventhough there were offers to release it. Anyway it´s reviewed by press and gets to fans hands that enjoy it.

*** 2002 is the year for Jesusmartyr to come back to stage and keep the name strong in the scene, the band plays in the country as much as possible
*** 2003, Another Brazilian tour of 8 gigs, very succesfull, the band becomes a strong name again. Back to argentina the band starts to prepare their new album.

*** 2004, on, March the drummer and co-founder of Jesusmartyr, Guillermo Gomez, leaves the band and Marcelo Castro, ex A.N.I.M.A.L y Ritual replaces him. Jesusmartyr starts the recordings for the new album, from June till December, meanwhile playing live and supporting acts as Dismember in Buenos Aires.

*** 2005, Starts wonderfully for the band, new album out and invitation to play the most important festival of the Country, Cosquin Rock, sharing stage, among artists of many genres, with Sepultura.

Official Webpage:


"Sudamerican Porno", 1998
The Jesusmartyr, 2005

Death/thrash metal

Philosophy, Nietzscheism, the Greek thinkers

Argentina (Buenos Aires), formed in 1994

Dias De Garage Records


Martin Furia: Guitars, backing vocals
Bruno Nasute: Bass, vocals
Marcelo Castro: Drums (ex-A.N.I.M.A.L.).
Sebastian Barrionuevo: Guitar

Santiago Ferrer: Vocals, guitars(Hentai).
Guillermo Gomez: Drums
Hugo: Keyboards


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