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Summer Metal

Album: ''Summer Metal'' (2006 Demo)
1. Let´s Go The Party
2. Good Girls Don´t Play Rock´n´Roll
3. Wake Up!
4. All I Need
5. Motocycle Woman

II:Play It Loud

Album: ''II:Play It Loud'' (2006 EP)
1. People from first line
2. 1987
3. Most loudest girl
4. Tell me what you feel
5. Into the void
6. Velvet rain

Velvet Rain

Album: ''Velvet Rain'' (2007 Single)
1. Velvet Rain (non-album version)
2. All I Need (non-album version)


During the years 1995 and 2003 Jane has changed couple of more successful or completely unknown metal and hard rock groups. But any of them wasn´t her cup of tea. It was always the group of somebody else and it perfomed music style, which was too far from her musical feelings.
That´s why in the year 2003 she decided to found her own group which takes a leaf out of Doro & Warlock, Whitesnake, W.A.S.P., Van Halen and other stadium metal legends of 80´s. Her first try to found such group in 1998 finished unsuccessfully. She always wanted to write lyrics, to participate at composing of the music, to create image of the group and to spread rock´n´roll and brisk fun among metal fans.
The same disappointment has felt her boyfriend Marc B. K. with whom she participated at the second CD their common group Cill Dara. But he compensated it in hard-art-rock´s Mobydick and punk´s Extip. The Cill Dara´s members loved metal avantgarde which they played, but the then line up hasn´t achieved to realize their ideas. Therefore became the time to revive Jane´s and Marc´s old love - stadium rock-metal.
From the very beginning Jane and Marc thought over their intention and in the summer ´03 they´ve addressed young and gifted lead guitar player Peter B. Peter was in this time quite wellknown in Bratislava, from groups "From A Distance" and "Amalthea". Their first meeting was the official start of the group. It was on June 18th, 2003. During few days the first rehearsals started where first songs were composed. The group was looking for permanent bassguitar player, but long time they didn´t meet this right one. Untill on February 2004 the new member of group became Yogi, also from "Amalthea". In this period was created the name of the group - JANESESSION.
The first show they performed with great success, and Jane´s tonsilitis, on Octobre the 16th, 2004 in Southslovak city Dunajská Streda. The group played as the support of five death, grind and trash metal groups. On the posters unfortunately wasn´t name of the group - JANESESSION but just garbled untranslateable words - Jana Sležeò.This kind joke joined the folklore of the group. The concert absence of bassplayer Yogi was caused by his school duties. Peter´s brother Miòo Bulík excellently replaced him.
In the summer 2005, released the first cd “100% ROCK´N´ ROOLL.”

In the january of 2006 the bass player Yogi left the group, replaced by Mino Bulík.

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Slovakia (Bratislava), formed in 2004



Jane - vocals (The Foresthrone, Beanachtai, Cill Dara)
Marc B.K. - drums, vocals (Katar, Destructor, Démon, Sea Wollfs, Rarach)
Peter B. - guitars, vocals (Amalthea (Svk), Castaway (Svk), Ero-plan, Cill Dara)
Miòo - bass (Stares, Ero-plan, From A Distance, Pavol Bizoò Band)

Jozef "Yogi" Graus - bass (Loudspeakers, Castaway (Svk), Amalthea (Svk), Level Zero)


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