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Ivory Tower

Album: ''Ivory Tower'' (1998)
1. One Life In Asia
2. A Distant Light
3. Alive
4. Falling Leaves
5. Spring
6. She
7. Music
8. Blinded

Beyond The Stars

Album: ''Beyond The Stars'' (2000)
1. Silence
2. Secret in Me
3. Foreboding
4. Game of Life
5. Peeping Tom
6. Beyond the Stars
7. When Thoughts are Running Wild
8. Flight into Self
9. Treehouse Theme
10. Treehouse

ivory tower


The history of the band begins in 1996, when Andre Fischer, Sven Böge and Thorsten Thrunke (with two other musicians) founded the combo under the name AX´N SEX and soon advanced to one of the bright new metal hopes in and around northern Germany. Their self-produced CD "Victim of Time" of four original works (playing time: 32 mins) received a very positive reception, not only in Germany , but also in Europe as well as overseas. Numerous international music magazines waxed lyrically over the album. These were followed by several reviews in Scandinavia, Greece and even in the USA and Brazil. It did appear , however, that the band name did not entirely suit their melodic power metal and conjured up visions of sleaze metal. The musicians were quick to react. After some deliberation the musicians changed the name of the band to the more suitable IVORY TOWER.
They further polished their style, and made some changes in the line-up. After having been with the band since it´s formation, two of the musicians left their ranks and were soon replaced by Stephan Laschetzki (Bass) and Stephan Machon (Keyboards). This line-up is responsible for all the material on the "Ivory Tower" and the "Beyond the stars" Album. Initial discussions between the band and Limb Music Products and Publishing (LMP) were held in December 1997. LMP had been quick to recognize the enormous potential of the band and offered them a contract. IVORY TOWER present ambitious and high-quality progressive power metal. Their sound is modern, gripping and varied. In March and April 1999 IVORY TOWER supported the album on tour through Germany with "Mob Rules" and "Murder One".
The recordings for the second album "Beyond the stars" started in summer 1999. IVORY TOWER produced again a monster-piece, released 17th of April 2000. A brilliant album that contains 10 tracks and 63 minutes played music. IVORY TOWER turned to classical, orchestra arrangements, a lot of hard riding guitar riffs and melodic refrains. During that time there were extensive promotional activities all over the world but especially in Paris for the French release under the license label NTS. In 2001 there was the introduction of new band members on bass, drums and keyboards. Stephan M., Stephan L. and Thorsten left the band due to personal reasons. In 2001 we started extensive promotional activities in Sao Paulo/Brasil with the license label "Rock Brigade". The band quited the contract with LMP in 2002.

Power Progressive Metal

Germany (Kiel), formed in 1996

Remedy Records


Andre Fischer - Vocals
Sven Böge - Guitars (Z-Iron, Ritual Steel)
Stefan Ikert - Bass (Z-Iron, Ritual Steel)
Heiner Risthaus - Keyboards
Flo Tabbert - Drums

Stephan Machon - Keyboards
Thorsten Thrunke - Drums
Stephan Laschetzki - Bass (Shoctaw)
Peter "Pewe" Werner - Keyboards
Oliver Kukla - Drums (Zotl)
Folke Fittkau - Keyboards
Torsten Nesch - Bass


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