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Shades of Misery

Album: ''Shades of Misery'' (2006)
1. Hymn of Desolation
2. The Shadowland
3. Eden
4. Lokes Dans
5. Då Gjallarhorn Song
6. Pesten
7. Shades of Misery
8. Warriors of the Northern Twilight
9. When Hell Freezes Over

Northern Twilight

Album: ''Northern Twilight'' (2006 EP)
1. Intro
2. Lokes Dans
3. The Last Alliance
4. Surrounded by Darkness
5. Warriors of the Northern Twilight




Iskald started out as a trio from northern Norway, playing a mixture of melodic black/thrash metal. Since then there has been both line-up and musical changes!
The beginning, first demo:

In the beginning of January 2005 we came together for the first time, and where then all set to play black metal, music that didn’t exists in our area. Since then we have been working hard trying to impress others with our music. Our first recording was a demo recorded in early 2005. We did that demo all by ourselves using some equipment borrowed from a friend of us. It turned up okay in the end, and we actually received a couple of great reviews.
Struggling on:

After that demo we decided to work hard with new songs and play as much live as we could afford. During that period, March to June, we did 5 local concerts and wrote some new songs. When the summer came our bass player had to leave us because of his studies. We also lost our rehearsal room at that time. The future of the band was really unclear at this point and we didn't manage to practise for about 2 months. But then, in August, we finally found a new bass player. He was really into our kind of music and was a perfect fit.
Northern Twilight EP:

In December 2005 we where ready to enter the studio to record our first EP, called Northern Twilight. This time we did everything in a professional way. In the beginning of February 2006 we received the EP; which was limited to 400 copies. The result came of extremely well and the reviews have so far had been very constructive. A couple of months after the self-financed release we signed a distribution deal with an underground label called Grom Records. They offered to distribute the EP in Europe and US. They have so far done a great job and we have currently 50 copies left. In Norway we have sold around 100 copies by ourselves.
Musical development:

In August 2006 our bass player left once again. Then we decided to continue as a duo. It was at that point that we decided to develop our music in a little different direction. We wanted to add more elements to our melodic black metal, without changing it to much. Compared to the Northern Twilight EP our new material is far more catchy but still very dark and melodic.
Shades of Misery:

In September 2006 we entered Ballerina Audio (Vintersorg, Naglfar) to record Shades of Misery. This time we wanted to use a professional studio to achieve the result we really wanted. A pre-production was done before we entered the studio, so the whole recording where done during 14 days. Compared to Northern Twilight the result came out much better we think. The production, our songs and our musicale experience in general is way improved.
On this album you should expect thrashing melodic black/death metal with a clear but still raw sound. We like the development so far and think that this album would represent what our music would sound like in the future.
Fresh blood:

Iskald have for quite a long time been a duo. But after the recording of Shades of Misery we decided to expand the line-up with two now members. Now we will be able to do live shows again and tour a lot more. We are proud to welcome Rene "Adriaan" Zonneveld, a 24 years old bass player from Goteborg, and Lars "Amystis" Johannessen, a 20 years old guitar player from Bodø, to the Iskald army!
Record deal:

In March 2007 Iskald signed a record deal with the Norwegian label Indie Recordings. After negotiations with several labels we finally made the right choice. Only a month later Shades of Misery was unleashed in Norway and has so far received amazing reactions. The worldwide release will be 21. May!

Melodic Black/Thrash Metal

Norway (Sortland), formed in 2005



Simon Larsen - Guitar/Screams
Aage André Krekling - Drums
Rene ``Adriaan`` Zonneveld - Bass [2007-]
Lars ``Amystis`` Johannessen - Guitars [2007-]

Arne Aalstad - Bass [Jan. 2005 - Jun. 2005] R.I.P
Anders Lambersøy - Bass/Screams


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