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Black Skull

Album: ''Black Skull'' (2007 Demo)
1. Black Skull
2. Maximum Damage
3. Hands Of Fire
4. C�rebro Met�lico



The band was formed at the the earlies 2001 by Francisco Flores (guitar) initiative of doing a Metal band. Later, Enrique Parker (drums) joined ‘cause the idea was good to him. Six months later the style of the band was between Heavy-Thrash Metal sound. In august ’01, Jonathan Hernandez (guitar) join the band and the sound became better and harder. Without a name yet, the band practice to define the style and the ideas came out making riffs and songs until the guys reach the target. One year pass while the band find a bass player and a singer, then Enrique meet Julián Murillo. They talk, Julián go to a rehearsal of the band, and he join the band at the end of 2002 as the bass player and singer too. With the guts to the top, the complete line-up, now the band was searching for a name. The fist name was Thrash to Destroy. Now, with a name, the band was invited to a Metal Festival at G. Martell’s Auditorium (in Mexico City), and the people response was great and louder. Soon after, the name of the band changed to INTOXXXICATED definitely. This name and the logo fits on concept, lyrics and ideas of the members in the band: sex, alcohol, beer, religion, wars, violence, anger, hate, blasphemy, hypocrisy, nuclear weapons, etc. The band use to play in a small gigs to promote they’re Thrash Metal Music. But, in 2004, was invited to play in “Defenders of Metal Fest”, in Rockotitlán (Mexico City). This was a big step to IntoxXicateD, and the people’s response to the music and the band was great and unexpected. In February (2004), Fracisco Flores quit the band. Hard times came to IntoxXxicateD. One entire year the band leave the rehearsals, and stop the gigs. In 2005, the band was invited to a gig with Necrofilia, Hell Racer and Balam Akab (bands from Mexico City). New times came… In June of 2006, the band went to the studio and record the first demo. In the middle of July saw the light. The name of the demo is “War Prisoners”, and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Fuentes Lobato at “Gargola Records”, and produced by Intoxxxicated. The band now promote “War Prisoners”, and keep on making new material to record the first LP.

Speed/Thrash Metal

Politics, War, Metal Way of Life

Brazil (Brasília), formed in 2005



Fernando Tripa - Guitar/Vocal
André Thunderpick - Bass/Vocal
Marco Ogro - Drums/Vocal

Élio Lima - Drums
Tubarões - Drums (Possuído Pelo Cão)
Pedro Gaspa - Bass
Diego Gordo - Vocal (White Tennis)


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