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Album: ''Demo '99'' (1999 Demo)
1. Dying Chant
2. Vicious Circle Complete
3. Unmourned
4. Numen Divinum

Underneath The Moonlit Waves

Album: ''Underneath The Moonlit Waves'' (2000 Demo)
1. The Ill-Starred Son
2. Journey Unknown
3. Black Waters
4. The Bitter End

In The Halls Of Awaiting

Album: ''In The Halls Of Awaiting'' (2002)
1. Ill-Starred Son
2. Song of the Storm
3. Medeia
4. Dying Chant
5. The Elder
6. Black Water
7. Shades of Deep Green
8. The Bitter End
9. Journey Unknown
10. In The Halls of Awaiting

Since The Day It All Came Down

Album: ''Since The Day It All Came Down'' (2004)
1. Nocturne
2. The Day It All Came Down
3. Daughter of The Moon
4. The Moment of Reckoning
5. Bereavement
6. Under The Plaintive Sky
7. Resonance
8. Death Walked The Earth
9. Disengagement
10. Closing Words
11. Song of The Forlorn Son

Above the Weeping World

Album: ''Above the Weeping World'' (2006)
1. The Gale
2. Mortal Share
3. Drawn to Black
4. Change of Heart
5. At the Gates of Sleep
6. The Killjoy
7. Last Statement
8. Devoid of Caring
9. In the Groves of Death



Insomnium is a melodic death metal band from Finland,playing songs about sorrow, death, and loss. They also incorporate symphonic elements into their sound. The past years, their melodies have taken much more melancholic turn and the sound is overall much darker.

Insomnium began to take shape during the bleak spring of 1997. In a quiet town of Joensuu, located in the easternmost part of Finland, four young men were forming a fierce metal band. From the beginning it was clear that this band would make music that was brutal and yet melodic, full of contrasts and changing atmospheres. They took what they regarded as the best aspects of their favourite bands and moulded these influences into a new kind of entity. The result was the marriage of melodic Scandinavian death metal and traditional Finnish tunes. Lyrics turned out to be sorrowful, dream-like tales of love and death that usually took place amidst the Finnish nature. Influences were taken from the Finnish folklore as well as the world literature.

After two years of intensive training Insomnium made their first demo-cd, which received praises from all over the world. The second demo was made the following year and it gained a lot of attention as well. This time, record companies got interested, too. In the beginning of 2001 founding members, guitarist Ville Friman, drummer Markus Hirvonen and bassist/vocalist Niilo Sevänen, attached a new guitarist, Ville Vänni to the band. Now Insomnium was stronger than ever and ready to rise to the next level. A deal with Candlelight was signed the same spring and recording of the first album began in the summer.

- In the Halls of Awaiting - was released in April 2002 and it introduced a band that had evolved in many ways. The legacy of Scandinavian death metal was still the core of the music but new layers had appeared around it. There were more nuances and depth in the songs, and the music was more versatile and challenging than before. Progressive shades had crept into the songs, and in many ways the band had stepped aside from the mainstream of melodic death metal. Debut album received excellent reviews in many magazines around the globe, especially in Germany, Finland and North America. The recording of the second album began in summer 2003. The process was somewhat painful but finally in December the new album was ready. - Since the Day It All Came Down - continues the development that the first album began. Songs are more versatile and surprising, progressive influences are ever clearer. Some tracks may even be described as experimental. But the straightforward side of the music hasn´t gone anywhere, since catchy guitar-harmonies, crushing riffs and soothing acoustic interludes are all still there. Melodies are still the most essential element in the music of Insomnium, but this time the tunes are even more melancholic and wistful than on the debut album. This is a sad and dreary album, heavier and gloomier than the first one, and undoubtedly more challenging. So when you take this path, keep in mind that it takes a while before your eyes get used to the dark...

..And darker it got. With their third release, - Above The Weeping World -, the music got more agressive, harder, louder and the progressive elements grew once again. The first European tour is over, and Insomnium is once again a step closer to world domination.

Melodic Death Metal

Darkness, Mourning, Loss, Pain...

Finland (Joensuu), formed in 1997

Candlelight Records


Ville Friman - Guitar (Arrival, Enter My Silence)
Markus Hirvonen - Drums
Niilo Sevänen - Vocals, Bass (Watch Me Fall)
Ville Vänni - Guitar (Watch Me Fall, ex-Hateform)

Timo Partanen - Guitar (1998-2001)
Tapani Pesonen - Drums (1997-1998)

Varpu Vahtera - Keyboards on ``In The Halls Of Awaiting`` (Watch Me Fall)
Jone Väänänen - Keyboards
Aleksi Munter - Keyboards
Laura Naire - Cellos


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