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In Die Abgründe

Album: ''In Die Abgründe'' (2005)
1. Moorleiche
2. Der Alte Kämpe
3. Emotional Suicide
4. Bunkerkrieg
5. Gefistet
6. Der Brief
7. Vulva Stellaris
8. In Die Abgründe



Insignium is a black metal band formed in 1996 located in Hagen, Germany. The founding members are Shoggoth and Apollyon. Their style can be described as melodic black metal with certain death metal elements, somewhat akin to Swedish band Naglfar. The music is usually played in mid-tempo. The lyrics primarily deal with "typical" black metal topics such as death and evil - however, the band does not explicitly promote an Anti-Christian message. The lyrics also seem to be influenced by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. For example, the founding members' stage name Shoggoth is a reference to the fictional creature described by Lovecraft. The band is currently signed with Black Attakk Records.


Current members

* Shoggoth - guitar, vocals (1996 - present)
* Apollyon - guitar, vocals (1996 - present)
* Svartis (also in Nordafrost) - bass (2003-present)
* Nemesis - drums (2000 - present)

Former members

* Fister - bass (1999 - 2003)
* Nightshade Wolf - bass (1998 -1999)
* Countess Youna - keyboards (1997 - 2002)
* Emperor Decius - drums (1997 - 1999)

The most important steps in the history of Insignium...

Spring 1996
Insignium is founded by Apollyon on guitar and Shoggoth on drums.

Spring 1997
First attempts to add keyboard to the music.

Winter 1997
Shoggoth and Apollyon both change to guitar/vocals. A new drummer and a keyboard player join the band

Winter 1998
A bass player completes the line-up for the first time.

January 1999
Insignium records the demo-CD "Insignia Risen..." at the K-Sound-Studio in Hagen, Germany with Mathias Klinkmann as the producer/engineer (known for his work with The Kovenant, Borknagar and others at the famous Woodhouse Studios).

May 1999
"Insignia risen..." is being released.

October 1999
Major line up changes. The drummer and bass-player have to leave the band.

February 2000
Insignium is featured on the "Unerhoert-Sampler" of the famous German metal magazine "Rock Hard" as one of Germany's best newcomers without a record-deal.

April 2000
With a new drummer, Insignium is "on stage" for the first time at the Berlet Halle in Hagen, Germany.

June 2002
The band decides to continue without keyboards from now on.

October 2003
Svartis (Nordafrost) joins Insignium as the new bassist..

December 2003
After almost five years the band finally returns to the K-Sound-Studio in Hagen (Germany) to record eight new songs with total running time of 53 minutes.

Fall 2004
Insignium signs a deal with Black Attakk who are finally going to release the new album "In die Abgründe" on January 31st, 2005.

Black/Death Metal

Death, Revenge, Horror

Germany (Hagen), formed in 1996

Black Attakk


Apollyon - Guitar, vocals
Shoggoth - Guitar, vocals (Nordafrost)
Svartis - Bass (Nordafrost, ex-Destination: Nowhere)
Ralle - Drums (Darth)

Nightshade Wolf - Bass
Emperor Decius - Drums
Countess Youna - Keyboards
Fister - Bass
Nemesis - Drums (ex-Sore)


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