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Destins Cathares

Album: ''Destins Cathares'' (2002 Demo)
1. Destins Cathares
2. Esclave d'une Puissance Infinie
3. Le Souffle d'Aquilon

Fausseté et Demesure

Album: ''Fausseté et Demesure'' (2003 Demo)
1. Fausseté et Démesure
2. Ruines mystérieuses
3. Voyance Psychique
4. Errance Eternelle
5. Significat Diabolum
6. La liberté par la Douleur
7. Ame Guerrière


Album: ''Apocryphe'' (2004 Demo)
1. L'Entrave Au Cours Des Choses
2. Un Dernier Soupir
3. Inocculta
4. Médiocrité Universelle


The name of the band, Inocculta, comes from the combination of two Latin words: "in" and "occulta", that is "in" and "darkness" or "through all occult and gloomy things". As for the lyrics, they were inspired by the dark period of the Inquisition. Inocculta was formed in Brussels in Augustus 2001 between Guillaume Etievant (Prometheus) on the guitar, François Chung (Thorselder) on drums, Raphaël Halbardier (Circius) on the bass guitar and Atarioth on the guitar. In February 2002, Spoliatorion joined the band on vocals, which made possible the recording of the first demo "Destins Cathares" in May 2002. During April 2002, tensions appeared between Atarioth and Inocculta, which forced him to leave the band. Therefore, Spoliatorion took the second guitar in addition to the singing.

In December 2002, Inocculta played on scene for the first time at the "Metal Heart Festival 2" organized by Metal Organisation in Brussels. The band recorded a second demo "Fausseté et Démesure" in February 2003. This demo was given a good reception by European webzines and magazines, in particular by Metallian, famous French magazine. It enabled the band to participate at several compilations and concerts, particularly in Brussels, Ghent and Huy. Inocculta entered at the beginning of July 2004 in the Arrogant Music studio at Uccle to record their third demo under the best possible conditions but also to mitigate the production problems encountered during the recording of the preceding demo. In March 2005, Inocculta had the privilege to be selected to take part in the great festival "Metal Blast" which took place at The Botanique (Brussels) in March 2005 and which was organized by Metal Organisation and the Botanique with the support of Court-Circuit and the French Community of Belgium.

At the beginning of July 2005, Inocculta was in a great change. Indeed, by mutual agreement, Spoliatorion decided to leave Inocculta in order to answer the musical evolution liked by the majority of the band, essential to its current level. Inocculta liked to turn over a new leaf of its old school period, include new influences in its music and vary the vocals, considered too monotonous by a good many people but also and above all by most of the band. After many auditions, David Detienne joined the band on the guitar at the end of December 2005 and Martin Favresse on vocals one year later, in December 2006.

Black Metal

Inquisition in the Middle Ages,

Belgium (Brussels), formed in 2001



Guillaume Etievant (aka Prométheus) - Guitars
François Chung (aka Thorselder) - Drums
Raphaël Halbardier (aka Circius) - Bass
David Detienne - Guitars (Nergal)
Martin Favresse - Vocals

Atharioth - Guitars
Spoliatorion - Lead Guitar / Vocals


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