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Decomposing from Inside

Album: ''Decomposing from Inside'' (2000)
1. Gargling Guts
2. Squirming Parasites
3. Human Fucking Guinea-Pig
4. Schizophrenic Pulp
5. Unforeseen Annihilation
6. Forbidden Hunger
7. Airplane Crash
8. Splenetic Views
9. Blood, Sperm, Shit
10. Tiamat
11. Meatcleaver
12. Tumorhead
13. 4 Months Below
14. Inescapable Destiny
15. Regressive Progression
16. The Missing Limb
17. Dead Man Walking
18. Destructive Impulse
19. Invisible Death

Chaos Dissection Order

Album: ''Chaos Dissection Order'' (2007)
1. Superior Existence
2. Plague Injected
3. Oppressing the Weak
4. Chaos Dissection Order
5. Retaliate
6. Severely Deteriorated Flesh
7. Dismal
8. Abhorrent
9. Grind Culture
10. Hollow
11. Exhume
12. Swift Genocide
13. Illuminati
14. Human Slave Colony
15. Bewildered by Rage
16. Hate/Kill



Inhume was formed in the Autumn of 1994. Inhume exists out of six guys, (Jeroen, Loek, Harold, Dorus, Roel and Ben) all from Holland who wanted to make grindcore in the style of Carcass , Napalm Death and Terrorizer. In october 1995 the band recorded their first demo. After that demo the band did two split recordings with
Suppository in 1996 and 1997. The band had an overall succes in the Netherlands and in other countries, which lead into different European tours.

In 1999 the band signed with Bones Brigade Distr. & prod. On this label the band released their first full lenght album called "Decomposing from Inside" in 2000.

In 2001 Inhume did a 4 track promo for Osmose Productions and did a cover from Regurgitate which was recieved very well in the grindcore underground. This song also apeared on the Regurgitate tribute cd called "Comeback of Goregods".

In 2003 Inhume released "in for the kill" which was the second full lenght record of the band. The band will also appear on an upcoming Napalm Death tribute album, for which they have recorded two tracks.

Jeroen is also the vocalist of Dutch Goregrind band Cliteater.

Brutal Grind / Death Metal

Gore, Sex, Violence.

Netherlands (Panningen / Maasbree), formed in 1994

Osmose Productions / Bones Brigade


Dorus van Ooij - Vocals
Ben Janssen - Guitar (Bile (Hol), Malignant)
Loek Peeters - Bass (Bile (Hol), ex-Mangled (Hol), Drowning Tears, Martyrium, Clan of Cannibals)
Roel Sanders - Drums (Disinfest, ex-God Dethroned, ex-Asphyx (Hol), Malignant)
Joost Silvrants - Vocals (Drowning Tears, ex-Sinister (Hol), Cliteater)

Richard Ebisch - Guitars (1997) (Legion of the Damned, ex-Occult (Hol))
Michiel - Drums (1998-1998) (Nee)
Eric de Windt - Drums (1999-1999) (ex-Deströyer 666, ex-Flatulation, ex-Severe Torture, ex-Sinister (Hol), ex-Prostitute Disfigurement)
Tim - Drums
Johan Dirkx - Vocals
Harold Gielen - Guitar (Legion of the Damned, Disgorge (Hol), Mangled (Hol), Charlie Adler)


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