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Dismembered And Decapitated

Album: ''Dismembered And Decapitated'' (2003 Demo)
1. Necro-cannibalistic Infest
2. Mutilation Of Self-extracted Entrails
3. Devouring Aborted Feces

inhuman dissiliency


inhuman dissiliency is a three piece band from harrisburg, pennsylvania. the band was formed out of the ashes of a metal band called silenced by bass guitarist todd, and guitarist, shawn.
in late 2001, the two added three new members, a second guitar player, a drummer, and a vocalist. after a short period of time, the drummer dropped out. leaving the remaining four members to find a new drummer to fill his spot. some time had past and a drummer had finally filled in. but due to the lack of interest with the musical direction, todd had decided to leave the band. shawn would follow a few months later.
early 2002, the two decided to start over and make a brutal as fuck death metal band. they started by adding a vocalist, brian. the lineup now was brian doing main vocals, todd playing the bass and singing backing vocals, and shawn playing guitar and singing backing vocals as well. but they were still in need of a drummer. a few drummers were tried out. but in the summer of 2002, after several drummers and several different band names, the three members decided to try a drum machine until a live drummer could be filled in.
a few years have past now and the band is still decomposing brutal self-mutilating death metal. they have had the honor to play beside many great bands and have had a great response from crowds. the band is still using a drum machine. and will continue to do so until a live drummer is found and can be filled in.
early 2004, long time bass guitarist, todd has decided to part ways with the band. he has been a great asset to the band throughout the years and will be greatly missed. as of now the band is filling in a new member and will continue there evergrowing love and support for brutal death metal by decomposing the most brutal self-mutilating death metal that they can.
mid 2004, long time inhuman bassist, todd, has decided to rejoin the band.

Brutal Death/Grind

United States of America (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), formed in 2001

Macabre Mementos


Brian - Vocals
Shawn - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Todd - Bass / Backing Vocals


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