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I, Oathbreaker

Album: ''I, Oathbreaker'' (2006)
1. The Mourning Demon
2. Dreamer Redeemer
3. Echoes in Vain
4. Facing the Mirror
5. The Golden Hips of Dawn
6. Consumer Patterns
7. Tripping on Revenge
8. Succubus
9. The Infidel Theme
10. Circle of Shame



The band was formed in Athens, Greece as a means for common musical expression by Manos Giakoumakis (drums), Yiannis Poussios (vocals) and Chris Kissadjekian (bass guitar) in the summer of 2000, under the name of Womb. Having jammed with various guitarists over a period of two years, they finally found Dennis Kostopoulos to fill the boots of the six string abuser in the fall of 2002, and changed the band’s name to Infidel.

After a series of rehearsing jams and the resulting serious hangovers, they hit the stage for the first time on May 20 2004, to present their material in a free secret gig they put on for a “friends-and-family” audience of 450 people. Then came a show supporting Alabama Thunderpussy in Athens (October 5, 2004), and right after that the band entered Fragile Sound Studio with producer Vangelis Yalamas for a “cool-pace” recording session which ended in July 2005, and resulted not in a demo or a promo CD, but in a 10-track, 47-minute full-length album. In September 24, 2005 they supported Orange Goblin and in March 19, 2006 they opened for Grand Magus. Right after that, the band signed to EMI Greece for the release of their debut album entitled “I, Oathbreaker”.

The purpose of Infidel is to deliver good quality heavy-as-fuck music and having a good time while doing so. Influences range from Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Metallica and Trouble to Thin Lizzy, Grand Funk, Voivod and… Bolt Thrower! The members of the band focus on playing from their heart and soul, and pay no attention in any musical limitations.

Doom/Stoner/Heavy Metal

Personal Thoughts about society, life, human kind

Greece (Athens), formed in 2000



Yiannis Poussios - vocals
Dennis Kostopoulos - guitar
Chris Kissadjekian - bass
Manos Giakoumakis - drums


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