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Promo 2003

Album: ''Promo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. Change Blindness
2. To The Innards Of Prey
3. Reanimating The Wicked

Architecture of Instinct

Album: ''Architecture of Instinct'' (2005)
1. Perpetual Sonic Obliteration
2. Reanimating The Wicked
3. ...To The Innards Of The Prey
4. Change Blindness
5. Whispers And Spittle
6. An Incision Across The Anatomy Of Iteration
7. Union Of Animal And Genius (Methodology I)
8. Animal In Chains (Methodology II)
9. The Burning Earth
10. Of Words, Will And Power

infernal method


Infernal Method is a melodic death metal band from Sydney, Australia. The band began as a solo project for guitarist Petar Peric but when the band for which he was playing bass, DeadSpawn, ended in mid-2001 he began to develop the act into a complete band. The first line-up featured himself on guitar, plus Deadspawn guitarist Aaron Bilbija and drummer Grahame Goode who had also featured in an early version of Deadspawn plus other Sydney bands such as Neophobia and Automation. Automation provided bass player Michael Kordek. Former Depression vocalist Shane Thompson was recruited shortly afterward and the band made its first appearance at Metal For The Brain that year, where they were billed as Deadspawn due to the line-up yet to finalise a new name.

In early 2002, the band played its first show under the name Infernal Method in Sydney. By this time only Peric and Goode was left of the original line-up. Kordek had been replaced by Syphilis member Lee Glanzmann, Bilbija had departed for Sydney thrash band Psi.Kore and was subsequently replaced by that band's guitarist Andrew Lilley and Thompson had been replaced by Joss Separovic. Infernal Method had also added an American keyboard player, Jonah Weingarten, although he was fired from the band immediately after this performance. Infernal Method played consistently throughout 2002 and began working on an album, only to lose Separovic for several months and hence activity ceased. The singer had rejoined by early 2003 but in May Lilley was replaced in the band by Jamie Stinsson, who under the name Astennu had been a member of Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir for some years and had also been a member of Sydney black metal pioneers Lord Kaos and recorded solo albums under the name Carpe Tenebrum.

The album remained unreleased while Infernal Method continued to play live, although less frequently. By mid-2004, Goode and Stinsson were also playing in a hardcore band called Stronger Than Hate and in August Infernal Method disbanded.

Peric and Goode served a short tenure with Sydney power metal band Dungeon into early 2005, then reformed Infernal Method with Matt Sorrenson from Syphilis replacing Astennu. Separovic then left once again, with Evan Williams taking his place. With this line-up, Infernal Method toured nationally for the first time supporting Swedish death metal band Insision, then re-recorded the never-released debut album that was issued at last in December 2005, shortly after a tour with Sweden's Arch Enemy.

At the end of 2005 the band was suffering from strains within the band which subsequently resulted in the departure of Peric and Glanzmann. The remaining members then recruited Switchblade guitarist Andrew Najdek and None Shall Pass guitarist Gerard Dack on Bass Guitar duties. Peric returned to the band after 8 months of abscence in August of 2006.

September 2006 saw the band support Dark Tranquillity, founders of the famed Gothenburg metal scene doing shows in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Melodic Death Metal

Despair, Death, Damnation

Australia (Sydney, NSW), formed in 1997

Ward 69


Andrew Najdek - Vocals (Guitar while Pete was out of the band) (Switchblade (Aus), Friar Rush)
Grahame Goode - Drums (Dungeon (Aus), Neophobia, Automation, Deadspawn (Aus), Dark Order, Cryogenic (Aus))
Gerard Dack - Bass

Peter Michael Peric - Guitar (Syphilis (Aus), Friar Rush, Deadspawn (Aus), Dungeon (Aus)) (1997-2006 and 2006-2007)
Matt Sorenson - Guitars (Syphilis (Aus)) (2005-2007)
Shane Thompson - Vocals (2001-2002)
Andrew Lilley - Guitar (2001-2004) (Depravation (Aus), Atomizer, Daysend, Psi.Kore, Mortality (Aus))
Michael Kordek - Bass (2001) (Daysend, Automation)
Aaron Bilbija - Guitar (2001) (Syphilis (Aus), Deadspawn (Aus), Daysend, Depression (Aus), Psi.Kore)
Joss Separovic - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (2002-2004) (Shackles, Intorment Black)
Jonah Weingarten - Keyboards (2002) (Avian (US), Lilitu, Pyramaze)
Jamie Stinsson aka 'Astennu' - Guitar (2002) (Dimmu Borgir, Lord Kaos, Covenant (Nor), Carpe Tenebrum, Stronger Than Hate)
Lee Glanzmann - Bass (Syphilis (Aus), Conation) (1997-2006)
Evan Williams - Vocals (Flesh Mechanic)


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