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Album: ''Oracle of Armageddon'' (2004 Demo)
1. Oracle of Armageddon
2. March of Death
3. Annihilating Inner Decay of Species
4. Repent and Prey

A Symphony of Suffering

Album: ''A Symphony of Suffering'' (2007)
1. Shadows Of Obscurity
2. Embodiment Of Sin
3. Sleeping God
4. Oracle Of Armageddon
5. March Of Death
6. A.I.D.S. (Annihillating The Inner Decay Of Species)



Emerging from the swamps of southern Florida in 2005, INFERNAEON founding members Brian Magley, Kevin Gibbons and Brian Werner created the band with the intention of unleashing a wholly original version of underground metal, combining the proven styling of Floridian death metal with the symphonic approach of European-style black metal. Quickly making a name for themselves in Florida with a brash, memorable stage show mixing theatrical murder and make up effects provided by Universal Studios, INFERNAEON welcomed guitarist Sam Molina into the fold after leaving Monstrosity, like Werner before him. The chemistry between Werner and Molina, was again rekindled and both are ecstatic to once again be combining their efforts, this time into INFERNAEON- a project they feel to be ultimately more original and worthwhile than anything from their past.

Having already shared the stage with Malevolent Creation, Deeds of Flesh, Vile, and Impaled among others, INFERNAEON hit Home Land Studios in late 2006 to record the band’s debut,A Symphony of Suffering. Featuring guest screams from Ben Falgoust (Soilent Green, Goatwhore) on "The Oracle of Armageddon" and Keith DeVito (Obituary, Suffocation, Catastrophic) commanding the dead to rise on "March of Death," A Symphony of Suffering boasts skillful musicianship alongside a mastering job from death metal legend Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel) and Werner’s own vocal-spewing style pushing the boundaries of extreme vocals. On "Sleeping God" alone, Werner holds a one-breath scream for an unheard of 40 full seconds while his unrelenting band mates rage on.

A Symphony of Suffering itself houses a closing concept-driven trilogy, "The Oracle of Armageddon." Beginning with Falgoust’s unholy vocals, the song weaves a tale of an oracle with powers to see the future through the eyes of the dying, leading to bloody wars in order to continue amassing power. "March of Death" continues on to tell of the oracle's victims returning to life only to wage a retaliatory attack on the armies of their prophesying killer. “A.I.D.S.” - standing for Annihilating the Inner Decay of Species - wraps up the climactic saga with the dead eradicating the land of the living across the globe, believing that once everyone has returned from the dead, death cannot exist in the world.

Needless to say, the music housed within A Symphony of Suffering stands alone, second to none, and with several members paying their dues in prior touring acts, INFERNAEON knows what it takes to initially set the standard, only to raise the bar higher yet again with each assault. With the determination, loyalty - and most importantly - the heart to make sacrifices result in success, INFERNAEON is poised to stir up waves in the extreme underground one step at a time.

Melodic Death/Black/Thrash Metal

Armageddon, Chaos, Destruction, Disease

United States of America (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), formed in 2004

Prosthetic Records


Brian Magley - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Gibbons - Bass (ex-Strychnine, ex-Beyond Deranged)
Zach Brown - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Brian Werner - Vocals (Monstrosity (US))
Sam Molina - Guitar (Monstrosity (US))

Danny Evans - Bass
Rob Miller - Keyboards
Sal Guasto - Drums
Claudio Herrera - Drums (ex-Bloodsoaked Glory)


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