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Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism

Album: ''Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism'' (1991)
1. Puppenmord
2. Mother
3. Chemical Experience
4. Plants Of The Bizarre
5. Nightmares From The Past
6. Pseudo Call
7. Signs
8. Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism
9. Stop The Madness
10. You (The Death Ballad)

McGillroy The Housefly

Album: ''McGillroy The Housefly'' (1992)
1. Thinkin' Green - Believe In Grey
2. Prisons Of Gore
3. (No Name)
4. Raped By A Stranger
5. Chaos Ego
6. Identität
7. Stories Enter Controlled Dept
8. Brain Eliminator
9. Games Of A Moonmurder
10. Forced
11. Playing A Game....


Album: ''Hirnnektar'' (1993)
1. Taste Yourself
2. Leben
3. Spritätze
4. Words Can`t Hurt
5. And I Live In Between
6. SKS Syndrome
7. So Sad (In The Mind Of Us All)
8. Cookieman
9. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Pink Floyd cover)
10. Your Life Done



Incubator was among the first wave of german death metal bands. founded in 1989 their 1991 debut 'symphonies of spiritial cannibalism' showed a band that offered a unique blend of psychedelic rock and death metal. their then only 17 year old singer stood out with an uncanny ability to move his voice from deep growls to high shreeks. the album caught praise from the press and was the extreme statement of death metal in germany at the time.

their second album 'mcgillroy the houselfy' followed in 92 and is regarded by many as a masterpiece of german death metal. showing a band that had matured in songwriting ability, technical prowess and lust for experimentation the album is masterful cross between king crimson, voivod and morbid angel. again the vocal abilites of singer chris left the critics astonished.

the original band desolved after 'mcgillroy' and the following albums could not keep up to the high standarts of the first two albums.

Death Metal

Germany (Oldenburg in Holstein), formed in 1989

Godz Greed Records


Christian Mummelthey - Vocals
Marcel Wroblewski - Guitar (Subcutane)
Wolfgang Snijders - Bass
Axel Boldt - Drums

Moritz - vocals
Hoppe - drums
Lasse - guitars
Libera - bass
Sascha Wotenek - vocals (Morbus (Ger), Brother Love Kain)
Stefan V. - guitars
Christian - bass
Stefan H. - drums
Kim Sievers - drums
Dominique Thomsen - drums (R.I.P.,Suicide-1995)


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