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Crawling Quietly

Album: ''Crawling Quietly'' (2006 EP)
1. Infection
2. Sad One in the Mirror
3. Stim of Misery
4. Emnity
5. Black Hole



There are two bands under the name of Incendium. Incendium is latin for arson.

Incendium was formed in 1997 under name Black Shrine. After one demo and some line-up changes the name was changed and the first Incendium-demo was released in 1999. Four songs of melodic-death saw daylight and the first gigs were played that year.
After that the band had difficulties to found a proper rehearsal place and some members lost they interest to the band. It took four years, but finally in 2003 the next release "After Silence" was released. This time the music was more melodic and the growls were dropped for clean singing. There still were influences from death-metal especially on guitars, but mainly the four songs were more mellow and melodic than songs on first demo. Also Incendium had now a steady line-up and was able to come back playing live.
In 2005 the next promo "When Daylight Is Gone" was released. The promo had four songs of melodic and melancholic metal and those extreme parts were dropped even more. The reviews of the promo have been great so far and with more experience playing live Incendium has become a great live band. In February 2006 Incendium recorded their next still unnamed 5-song release and added more those extreme parts to their music.

The swedish Incendium, who lives up to the name a bit more, is a black metal band from Uddevalla. Two of the members is convicted arsonists. For further reading, I suggest reading the lyrics for "Among the Graves" wich tells the story of the arson & desecration.

Melodic Death Metal (old), Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal (new)

Finland (Vaasa, Länsi-Suomen lääni), formed in 1997



Aki Hahto - Vocals
Antti Haapala - Guitar
Hannu Perälä - Guitar, earlier Drums
Mika Hirvikoski - Bass
Petri Kahra - Keyboard
Otto Väisänen - Drums (Radical M Project)

Toni - Guitar
Juha - Vocals
Unski - Guitar
Jarno - Keyboard
Teemu - Drums
Henna Sjöberg - Violin
Jenny Malmberg - Vocals (Shadembrace, Radical M Project)


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