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Album: ''Incendiant'' (2007)
1. Night of A Thousand Knives
2. Colliding Stars
3. Forever Echoing in Greed
4. Collapse of The Light
5. Broken and Bowing
6. Ancient Chaos
7. Invoking The Flames



Incendiant mobilized in October of 2002. After a brief experimental phase Incendiant reforged in March of 2004 with Alejandro(Yaotl Mictlan, Ibex Throne) on guitars/vocals and Clif(The Obliterate Plague) on drums. One year later in March of 2005 Walid joined as a second guitarist deepening the intensity and impact. By early 2006 Matt of the infamous cult legacy Dr. Shrinker took up the bass lending his surgical finesse to the new paradigm. In September/October of 2006 Incendiant entered the studio and recorded the self titled debut, tentatively due for a July 2007 release through Mute Records/JordanRiver Ent..

Incendiants music is a controlled frenzy of thrashing death metal which pushes the envelope into progressive territory, yet maintains a die hard ferocity which clearly keeps within classic deathmetal boundaries.
Clif's percussive skills elevate Incendiant into the front lines of battle grind. Alejandro's guitar playing from his experience in extreme black and death metal bands keeps the intensity at a white heat. With Walid adding another dimension to the thrashing chops and veteran Matt applying his brutal precision to the bass guitar, Incendiant is more than ready to bring true underground death grind to the masses. Each of the band members have honed their chops in various extreme metal bands in the area and with many successful live gigs under their belts are ready to torch this planet into a charred cinder with their hellbent sonic assault.*

*Taken from the band's Myspace page.

Death/Thrash Metal

United States of America (Salt Lake City, Utah), formed in 2002

Mute Records/JordanRiver Ent.


Alejandro - Guitar/Vocals (Yaotl Mictlan, Ibex Throne)
Walid - Guitar
Matt Grassberger - Bass (Zettilmeyer, ex-Dr. Shrinker, ex-Phantasm (US))
Clif - Drums (The Obliterate Plague)


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